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Dan Hubbell dan at churchrestoration.org
Sat May 1 10:54:23 EDT 2004

David, I just sent you our summary report of our fourth China Mission via
e-mail and you should have gotten by now.

In answer to your question about the relationship of house churches to the "Three Self
Church" or as you referred to them as the government sanctioned churches.

I have traveled throughout much of China this past year in ministry and have
a addressed this issue with HC leaders and Three Self Church leaders.

As with any issue there are as many different answers as there are churches
involved.  But over all, there is a distrust that prevails between the two
types of churches primarily brought about by the pressure of governmental
authorities.  However, I did contact some house churches and government churches that
cooperated well under the circumstances of governmental control.

Some house churches were reaching out, with security issues permitting, having a
positive affect on the government registered churches.  In several instances
many registered church members were leaving registered churches and joining
with the house churches.

In some instances, however, there was harassment from the registered
churches toward the house churches, i.e., informing authorities of non-registered
activities so that HC leaders could be arrested and detained, etc.

As I am sure you know the registered churches have several restrictions
placed upon them: 1)Governmental oversight 2)Limitation in subjects
3)Restriction of children/youth under 18 participation 4)Restriction of
foreign Christian speakers/teachers and financial/organization ties, etc.

David, I hope this helps answer your question.

Dan Hubbell
His servant
>From "a hired house" in Winnsboro, Texas USA

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>     Hey all,
> I know that some of you are knowledgeable about the Chinese Church
> situation. How do the underground house churcher's regard those in the
> government sanctioned churches?
> Is there dialogue occuring between these two groups?
> Thank you in advance?
>     David Anderson
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