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Richard Wright wrightd at sc.rr.com
Mon May 17 07:24:53 EDT 2004

Greetings in the Name of the Lord:

May 17, 2004

For today. Think about it.



(Try to 'LABEL' your request so we will better be able to pick them
out from the other posts.)

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2/15/2004: Pray for this tender new church that they would grow deep roots  
into the One who saved them.  Pray for Ricardo, Manuel, Agustin  
and others who will be discipling these new believers in the Lord.    

Pray for the church that meets in the home of Manuel as they  
continue their evangelistic outreach to outlying communities. Pray  
that their 16mm film projector and old evangelistic films will hold up  
well and that they would be used of the Lord to plant many new  
works in these forgotten provincial towns and villages.      

Pray that Churrute would become a sending agency of believers to  
reach all of the dozens of other small communities in that area.  
Yes, they are already talking about such things!    

Thanks for praying.  Your prayers do make a difference!   

J. Guy Muse <jmuse at gye.satnet.net>

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2/20/2004: Please continue to pray for the house churches of China. The leadership
is presently being arrested, one by one. Last week we sent a prayer
request for Sister Deborah Xu, but the crisis has grown to become much

Paul Hattaway <www.asiaharvest.org>

* * * *

3/13/2004: It's that time again for us to travel on mission to China. We will be
leaving the USA on March 25 and return April 26. This will be our fourth
trip to the Mainland. We will travel three additional times in 2004 with
our final mission being October 22-November 22, 2004.

We will continue to teach and equip young servant leaders who in turn
will evangelize China and Muslim countries with the Good News of the

Please pray for an unhindered work of the Spirit through us as God's
equipping servants to the precious Chinese saints.

Dan Hubbell <http://www.churchrestoration.org>

* * * *

3/24/2004: I would ask you to pray that God would provide regular co-workers for Micky
& Teresa.

     More than that, I suspect many of us (me especially) need to spend more
time in prayer, asking God to help us see the opportunities he provides for
us to witness, and asking him to prepare our hearts to be able to witness,
and to give us discipline to pray and study his word.   We might also pray
for a humble heart and open eyes to creative practical ministry.  I know
that I need prayer to have more of a servant attitude to my own practical
ministry, and less of an apparent arrogant attitude in practical ministry.

Bruce & Lois Nelson <b.l.nelson at sympatico.ca>

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4/5/2004: Tom is medically stable. His kidneys failed a year and a half ago (due to eating ant poison at toddler age 2). For a year and a 
half, he's been on home peritoneal dialysis but had to stop for a hernia repair surgery to patch a hole in his peritoneum. Doctors 
expected him to return to dialysis the next day. He couldn't. He leaked internally, like a sieve. Medics were all worried and 
He's still not able to return to dialysis. Doctors were surprised to find he still had residual kidney function. He is on a severely 
restricted diet, but is walking and talking and joking around. Still bleeding a little internally into the peritoneum.  He cannot 
continue like this very long, a few more weeks, but we're trusting God for a steady though slow healing to return to dialysis. 
He's on a three year wait-list for a transplant. Otherwise, things are fine. (We need more work.) Should God put it on your heart 
to pray, go for it, girl! Otherwise, nothing can be done.

Jeanne c Elder <godsgirll777 at msn.com>

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4/14/2004: Please pray for Keith, Pauline and I for our protection on the road, and that the Lord would open 
unimmaginable doors for us. Please pray also for the Lords provision.

Healing Communities Team <info at healingcommunities.org>

* * * *

4/15/2004: Please pray for our family.  Tom will now be living in an apartment in a
city 30 miles away from us (at my insistance) for 6 months.  I hope that
we can work things out and be reunited. Please pray for healing and

Debbie <hc-talk-request at housechurch.org>

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Phil. 3:12-14

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