[NTCP] Gene Getz

David Anderson david at housechurch.org
Mon May 24 10:28:19 EDT 2004

     Howdy all,

In his mega-seller classic "The Measure of a Man," Getz takes the 
"qualifications" for leadership and applies them to every Christian man. 
Very interesting and very easy to do because they are, in fact, required 
of all saints.

"Paul simply pulled together several qualities he and other authors 
mentioned elsewhere in the NT and then compiled a marvelous profile for 
measuring our maturity level in Christ." (page 32 of the 1995 edition)

Gene Getz now has another book out on leadership: "Elders and Leaders." 
Anyone seen it? Of course, in his view, elders are still less than 
pastors and so we are left with another unscriptural, vertical leadership 

But hey, let's not be too hard on these institutional types, we have 
plenty of confusion in our own, in the land of house churches. According 
to the Gene Edwards eldership book, for example, some churches had elders 
- others not. I suppose it never occurred to either of these Gene's that 
the word 'elder' means precisely what it says - 'older.'

Link, did you finish the book on the New Testament Deacon, by Alexander 
Strauch? And your thoughts are?

     David Anderson

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