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Bruce Woodford bwood4d at hotmail.com
Mon May 24 15:23:34 EDT 2004

Hi David,

You wrote:"Gene Getz now has another book out on leadership: "Elders and 
Leaders." Anyone seen it? Of course, in his view, elders are still less than 
pastors and so we are left with another unscriptural, vertical leadership 
arrangement. But hey, let's not be too hard on these institutional types, we 
have plenty of confusion in our own, in the land of house churches. 
According to the Gene Edwards eldership book, for example, some churches had 
elders - others not. I suppose it never occurred to either of these Gene's 
that the word 'elder' means precisely what it says - 'older.'

Dear brother, I wonder if the confusion is a result of failure to recognize 
the difference between (1)elders (men and women) who are elders simply 
because of age and maturity and (2)elders who are APPOINTED  elders because 
they meet a number of other scriptural qualifications which all older people 
do not.

Such scriptures as Luke 15:25; John 8:9; Acts 2:17; I Tim.5:1,2; I Peter 5:5 
deal with the former and passages like Acts 14:23; 20:17,28  and Titus 1:5 
deal with the latter.

Would you agree that the former would be a much larger group in any church 
than the latter?

I think there are also such distinctions among deacons/ministers.(i.e. 
distinguished by the kind of appointment):
(1) There are deacons/ministers who are appointed by God. Acts 1:17,25; 
20:24; Romans 13:4; I Cor.3:5;  II Cor.3:6; 5:18; 6:4; Eph.3:7;  
Col.1:23,25; 4:17;  I Tim.1:12; 3:8,12;
(2) There are deacons/ministers who are appointed by churches to represent 
them in specific tasks. Acts 6:2-6; Romans 15:25,26; II Cor.8:16-24
(3) There are deacons/ministers who are self-appointed simply because they 
saw a need and were willing to serve in humility to meet that need for the 
benefit of others. (Matt.8:15; 20:26; 23:11; 25:44;  27:55; Mark 1:31; 9:35; 
10:43; 15:41; Luke 4:39; 8:3; 10:40; John 12:26; Acts 11:29; 19:22; Romans 
16:1; I Cor. 16:15; Eph.6:21; II Tim.1:18; Heb.6:10;

Would you agree that scripture distinguishes various kinds of deacons by the 
manner of their appointment?

Your brother in Christ,

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