[NTCP] The need for gifted speakers in the meetings.

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> teaching in the meeting-- like when a church plant is new and most of the
> congregation are immature or just too scared to teach or share words of
> edification?  How do you get people to where they want to share?

Link, I think you are referring to the time of laying foundations, yes?

Certainly where Christ has not been preached, there is the need to lay the 
foundation of Christ.  In the same vein, many young churches or informal 
gatherings where the fellowship has been based on things other than Christ, such as 
bible-teaching, worship music, potlucks, etc., the foundation must be laid, and 
that will take someone teaching.  At least that's how I see it.  I think we 
see Biblical precedence for this as well. 

The problem comes in when the gifted teacher never leaves.  It's like 
parenting.  We parents of teens and young adults sometimes want to keep the kids on 
the baby bottle, you know?  They're safe in the crib.  It's a comfort.

Do you know what I mean?
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