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[New Testament Church Proliferation] Exporting to help new church planters?

[New Testament Church Proliferation] Introduction

Re: [New Testament Church Proliferation] Christian ed cur. for jungle tribes

Re: [New Testament Church Proliferation] Introduction


Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2001 22:05:01 +0700 From: "Link"

Subject: [New Testament Church Proliferation] Exporting to help new church planters?

I know some people involved with church planter work here in this country. I've heard this scenario more than once:

Young people are the ones who respond to the Gospel. Teens or people in their early 20's aren't economically viable yet, become Christians, get kicked out of their parent's homes, and are in difficult straights financially. This type of family persecution seems to be common.

One church planter I know makes about $50 a month. He's a local. He had young people in this situation in his church. He was wanting someone to export handicrafts to help put the people in his church to work, or maybe start a pig-raising business for them.

Another group doing church planter has the same problem. Young people get kicked out of their homes. Local workers don't make enough to support them. I met with some of the new converts from this ministry. It was an honor to meet people who had suffered for Jesus. These men were probably in their early 20's, and someone was teaching them to make rattan baskets. He knew how to make furniture, too. They didn't have the equipment to glaze the rattan yet though.

Some of the other m's with this network work out on an island that makes beautiful pottery that reminds me of some pictures I saw of ancient Greek pottery. There are all kinds of handwoven cloth from other islands available here. There is so much good stuff here, but anyone doing a business needs to be careful about quality control.

I've been thinking about trying to export some of the rattan myself, but don't know anything about exporting, so I've been thinking about trying to find someone else to do it. It would give new believers a job during the current economic crisis. I've been thinking how great it would be if there were a non-profit foundation or even a private businessman buying the goods from these new believers to help them make a living. These believers would be learning to work with their own hands, and maybe could make enough to live decently by local standards.

I heard about a man in another city exporting goods for ministry. Maybe I can hook up with him. Maybe I can refer him to these other people.

If someone wants to come over here to South East Asia to set up an exporting foundation or for-profit business, there is some good stuff here, cheap, and it could really help people the ministry. If anyone wants to import handicrafts, baskets, pottery, those digidy doo musical instruments, handwoven cloth, furniture or other goods from here, let me know, and if I find someone here who wants to set up an exporting foundation or business to help church planter work here, maybe I can contact you.

Link Hudson

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Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2001 21:37:55 -0400 From: "Jim Morris" Subject: [New Testament Church Proliferation] Introduction

My name is Jim Morris I recently moved from Ohio to Illinois in the Unfried Steaks of Amerika. Does this work, administrator? About eight months ago I became unable to work due to arthritis and difficulty in breathing, and am now retired.

I am a Christian author and my current books can be found at (My previous web page at is no longer active.)

I currently have books about the Knew Testiment Pattern for the Chirch and about the Chrustian's relationship to the Govern'mt. I am nearly finished preparing a highly detailed history of world war 3!

I wuld suggist thet we all mispelll any wrds thet culd posibley case prblms fer are brthr.

Jim Morris

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Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2001 21:18:42 -0700 (PDT) From: Tom Maluga

Subject: Re: [New Testament Church Proliferation] Christian ed cur. for jungle tribes

Hey Link,

Our acting Elder chairman is from Ghana and has been talking about our starting TEE=Theological Education by Extension ministry here in Chicago as they have in Ghana. I'll try to get some more information on it as it might possibly be some of what you're looking for.

Gripped by Grace,

Tom Maluga

- --- Link wrote:

> Hi,


> Today, I talked with someone who works with New

> Tribes Mission. New Tribes goes

> into the jungles and remote areas of the world and

> shares the Gospel with

> tribesman. Entire villages have repented through

> their method of teaching

> through the Bible stories up to the story of Christ.


> New Tribes seems to have Plymouth Brethren

> mentality as far as how their

> chruches are set up. They have a plurality of

> elders.


> I've been thinking recently about the need for a

> Christian education curriculum

> that would help churches in the US or here. I asked

> this miss'nary whose

> associates worked with ungle tribesmen up in Borneo

> if he knew of a good

> uncopywrited Christian education curriculum. He

> didn't, but he was excited

> about the idea.


> The people want to be educated, he said. But the

> ones that go to Java or

> elsehwere to study sometimes bring back ideas that

> confuse the people. Some

> seem to value education above the word of God.


> It sounds like these people could benifit from an

> academic curriculum including

> math, history, and science for their children, in

> addition to Christian

> education. But I believe it would be a good idea to

> put together Christian

> education materials that could be used throughout

> this country and even in the

> US.


> I started thinking about finding a good Christian

> education curriculum after

> reading an article comparing Orthodox Jewish

> education of children to that given

> by Christians. The author was a Messianic Reformed

> man whose father was an

> Orthodox Jew. He thought that seminary graduates in

> Reformed churches these

> days learned about as much theology as a teenage

> catechist should already know,

> and these pastors offereed a lower level of

> education in the Bible and theology

> to their parishoners.


> It seems to me that most evangelical Christians

> don't study through the entire

> Bible in church meetings. Reading the Bible in

> church meetings is scriptural.

> Paul told Timothy to give himself to 'reading' along

> with teaching and

> exhortation. He commanded his epistles to be read

> in church. The OT commanded

> that scertain portions of scripture be read

> publicly, and of course the

> synagogue that Jesus and Paul participated in was a

> place to hear the Law read.


> Bob Fitts suggests a method of 'simple Bible

> college' which involves a group

> reading through verses of scripture in a simple way

> and discussing it together.

> (Bob Fitts book _The Church in the House_ has just

> been revised. Contact

> <RobertJoni> for more info.)


> I believe studying through the whole Bible together

> in groups in a church

> community is important for young people to be

> educated. But I've also been

> thinking it would be good for a church to have a

> whole curriculum for children

> and adults.


> Thinka bout the Jews, sending their kids to classes

> to learn Hebrew, the history

> of their peple, prayers, and all kinds of things.

> Imagine what our churches

> would be like if everyone who grew up in church

> would have the equivilent of a

> seminary education in terms of theology, Bible

> knowledge, and things like that

> (maybe they could learn it all minus Greek and

> Hebrew.) Think about it. The

> early church didn't have seminaries. Knowledge was

> passed from one generation

> of Christians to the next. Seminaries, I've read,

> are only about 500 years old.


> I think a good Christian education curriculum would

> 1) Teach through the whole Bible.

> 2) Assign books of the Bible for students to

> memorize in their entirity.

> 3) Teach all the cultural background people need to

> understand the BIble.

> (e.g. teach who the Pharisees are, geography of the

> middle east, etc.)

> 4) Train people to be an efective witness in their

> own culture.

> (e.g. training in how to witness to H'ndus in India

> or post-moderns in the US.)

> 5) Knowledge of church history. (Something most

> evangelicals seem to know

> little about.)

> 6) Some training in theology so Christians would be

> familiar with beliefs of

> other believers and know why major historical

> heresies were a big issue.


> Another good thing would be topical Bible studies

> made up of discussion

> questions plus Bible verses. One that might be good

> for the US would be a

> discussion of marriage, divorce, and sexual

> morality.


> So my question is, does anyone know of a good

> Christian education curriculum?

> Do you know of Bible discussion questions with

> verses, uncopywrited church

> history summaries, etc. that could be used to teach

> new believers?


> I believe it's best if local church comunities train

> the next generation of

> saints, including leaders. I believe that' s

> abetter system than sending people

> off to expensive seminaries. Educators could also

> travel to make up for a lack

> in Christian communities.


> I remember reading that one of the early

> Massachusettes colonies wanted all the

> children to go to school. Why? So they would all

> be able to read the Bible.


> Some say the local education system here doesn't

> teach people to think and be

> creative. Christians that grew up thinking deeply

> about scriptural and ethical

> questions and learning to live as Christians could

> have a great impact on this

> country. This kind of education could help them be

> creative, wise. Also, if a

> new church plant needed Bible teachers, adults that

> grew up studying the Bible,

> church history, etc. in their own local church

> community could go serve new

> church plants as Bible teachers.


> Imagine that- a whole church full of people who

> really knew their Bibles and had

> a good overview of Christian history and theology.


> Orthodox Jews have carried on a tradition for

> thousands of years of educating

> their children in the religion, language, customs,

> and history of their people.

> Should we Christians, as people of God, pass on the

> teachings and history of our

> people to the next generation in a careful, thorough

> way?


> Does anyone know of materials that are suitable to

> be translated into languages

> all over the world, without copyright problems, that

> could be put together into

> a good Christian education curriculum?


> Maybe someone could put up a whole website of such

> materials and others could

> download them all over the wolrd and have them

> translated.

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Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 13:48:54 -0400 From: Dan Beaty, Subject: Re: [New Testament Church Proliferation] Introduction

Hi Everyone!

I am Dan Beaty, husband of Brenda, father of three adult children with 7 grandchildren. I am a painter/paperhanger by trade. Will be 50 in August. We have been meeting in homes for the past 6 years, and have been actively encouraging this practice all along.

Our church has had a part in the formation of several other small NT churches in India, and I have made two trips to New Delhi in Northern India, and to Guntur of Madra Predesh in South India. Also we met and shared literature with several groups and individual believers in Chennai and Hyderabad.

Most of my work there has been to instruct and encourage existing groups from outside the denominations in their pursuit of Christ together as members of his body. But I probably learned more from them than they from me. It was a major milestone in my Christian life.

This list should be a great opportunity for laborers in the Lord's harvest to help, exhort and encourage one another. I hope to support it as much as I can. Thanks Link and David, for your generous and serving hearts! I will be looking forward with interest on this fascinating but often misunderstood topic!

- -- Dan Beaty Columbus, Ohio

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