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Sept 17, 2001 Vol 01 : 066


NT Church Proliferation Digest Monday, September 17 2001 Vol 01 : 066

[ntcp] Old/New Wine Sindrome
[ntcp] elephants or rabbits?

Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 21:10:23 +0700
From: "Jamin Hartono"
Subject: [ntcp] Old/New Wine Sindrome

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Pertama-tama saya hendak meminta maaf karena email yang anda kirimkan
belum saya respon. Beberapa hari ini di gereja kami disibukkan dengan
berbagai macam rapat membahas eksistensi gereja VS gereja rumah.

Some of your thought last time i consider was a good way in HC. But in
these days i think we (young man) in the church are dealing with the
adults who lays church foundations.

They are people who are setting vision, misions and values of our
A lot of meeting discuss HC in many prespectives (include your point of
view in children and Church Planting), but we do have problems within the ministry
contexts of Yogyakarta (our church city). Is this the old and new wine
skin sindrome? gosh...thank God for these people...
I feel that my energy was "emptyed" by their old way of thinking, do you
ever meet this condition... or if your are not, please do give some of
your view how to deal with these people...

ps: i havent contact wolfgang s. for luke ten program.

Jamin Hartono

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Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 13:32:33 -0400
From: Clay Adams
Subject: [ntcp] elephants or rabbits?

A case in point, made by W. Simson, is the different reproduction patterns
of elephants and rabbits:

Elephants are only fertile four times a year
Rabbits are practically continuously fertile

Elephants produce only one baby per pregnancy
Rabbits produce average of seven babies per pregnancy

Elephants: 22 month gestation period
Rabbitts: 1 month gestation period

Elephants: sexual maturity: 18 years
Rabbits: sexual maturity: 4 months

Elephant population growth in 3 years from 2 to 3
Rabbit population growth in 3 years from 2 to 476 million

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