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Sept 24, 2001 Vol 01 : 068


NT Church Proliferation Digest Monday, September 24 2001 Vol 01 : 068

[ntcp] Invading Afganistan?
Re: [ntcp] Invading Afganistan?
[ntcp] Fw: Prophetic Dreams, Visions and Revelations
[ntcp] Intro

Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 19:03:13 +0700
From: "Link"
Subject: [ntcp] Invading Afganistan?

The US is building up its forces around Afganistan. Invasion seems imminent.

I have a question: are there any Christian organizations or groups that are
ready to send teams into Afganistan to evangelize if the current regime falls?
It is possible that there could be a situation where at least parts of the
country are more accessible to the Gospel, at least for a window of time. Are
any miss'ns organizations preparing their spiritual special forces to go in and
share the Gospel? Does anyone know anything about this that can be shared
without giving too much away. What kind of church is there in Afganistan right

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Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 09:06:41 -0400
From: "Michael Gastin"
Subject: Re: [ntcp] Invading Afganistan?


I believe that there are teams ready to go in. I base that on the recent
capture and imprisonment of one such team that was working there as relief
workers for the Afghan people. The taliban arrested and imprisoned them on
charges of evangelizing. They are still in custody now and there are no
signs of there release.

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Mike Gastin

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Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 08:26:54 -0500
From: "Dan Hubbell"
Subject: [ntcp] Fw: Prophetic Dreams, Visions and Revelations

I have felt a release in my spirit to share some prophetic dreams,
visions and revelations. In this e-mail let me first share a prophetic

The dream was vividly and graphically one of great devastation. All
around me was death, destruction and a wounded mass of humanity. I did
not know what caused the catastrophe but it was horrible. People were
screaming and crying out for help in great desperation. As I found
myself standing in the midst of this scenario, I felt so helpless and

As I stood in the midst of this scene, I saw many other people just
standing around doing nothing to meet the needs of the hurting and
crying multitudes. Then I strongly felt the Spirit urging me to begin
to reach out to the people nearest met to minister to their needs. As I
began to touch their wounds the Spirit gave me a simple song to sing.
As I began to quietly sing this song, the Spirit led me to do what I
could do to alleviate the great carnage and suffering. I kept thinking
as I began to serve and sing, what I as only one person could do to help
in this seemingly hopeless situation. But as I became obedient to the
Lord in serving, the other people who had previously been standing
around, also joined me in reaching out the needs of the suffering
wounded. As they ministered, they joined me in singing the simple
melody that the Spirit had given me. The individual voices soon became
a chorus of angelic sounding music as if it were one voice in a united
orchestration being lifted in praise to God.

I discerned in my sprit that it was a picture of the Body of Christ
being challenged and encouraged to minister to people in some
catastrophic future events. Helplessness gave way to a swelling of
unity by individual believers and collectively as the Body of Christ in
various expressions of gifts reached out to meet the needs of a
devastated world.


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Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 08:28:08 +1000
From: "Paul McIlwain"
Subject: [ntcp] Intro


My name is Paul and I first subscribed to this discussion group about 4 months
ago. Our family lived in a SE Asian country for 10 years, working in a language
group comprised of about 2500 people. Using the vernacular, and carefully
laying foundations in the Old Testament, we taught in narrative style,
eventually presenting the Gospel after more than 3 months of daily teaching.
Beginning with that initial group of 70 people we saw God bless in a wonderful
way, and today there are many churches not only in that tribe but also in
neighbouring language groups where they are involved in planting churches
cross-culturally and linguistically.

Two years ago we had the joy of seeing the translation of the New Testament and
key OT passages published. Around that time, we also completed the process of
handing over the work to the local church leaders God had raised up. We no
longer live in that area (or country) but still continue to develop Bible
curriculum, commentaries and study guides which we take with us on our periodic
visits to spend time with the believers and church leaders.

My wife and I are now involved in developing and maintaining consultant
programs for the mission agency with which we work, in the areas of church
planting and literacy. We travel a great deal, sometimes to be part of
workshops and seminars, but also spending time with teams in their locations to
give hands-on advice and (hopefully) encouragement as they deal with many
complex situations in the process of cross-cultural church planting in remote

When I was given the contact email address for this particular discussion group
(which includes "New Testament church planting" in its name) I quickly
subscribed because I hoped that this might be a forum for discussion and a
source of some insights which would help in my Church Planting consultancy
work. I also moderate another (much smaller, in-house) Church Planting
discussion group and I had hoped that there might be some good postings on this
New Testament Church Proliferation group of yours which I could pass on to our other

I don't know you all, and after 4 months of reading contributions, I have very
little idea of the kinds of ministries you're involved in. I admit that I'm
remiss for not having written before, but I have been waiting for some issue to
surface which would have practical value in the work of church planting so that
I could introduce myself in a response. Picking up email can be problematic as
I try to hook up in all sorts of out of the way places, but I am always happy
to make the effort for anything worthwhile. Again, not knowing who all
subscribes to this group, I don't want to be judgemental, but it does appear
that the issues you concentrate on have little direct bearing on the things I
face day in day out.

I have no right to say that your discussion group is not what it should be
(Although I have to admit to being somewhat disappointed when I initially
subscribed and one of the first topic lines was regarding whether or not the
Great Commission was still relevant for us today!). It's rather like the old
lady watching the soldiers marching and saying, "Look, everyone's out of step
except my Johnnie". If I'm the one out of step then I should leave the parade,
but I felt it was cowardly to simply send the unsubscribe email without
speaking at all.

That being said, I do want to throw out this challenge to you all, as well as
to myself. Recent events remind us that we do not know the day nor the hour
when the Master will return for his Church (not withstanding our friend who
believes that great event has already taken place). We, his children, long for
that day and all that it will mean for us. However, millions - many of them now
seen as the "enemies of democracy, freedom and the USA" -face only the darkness
of eternity's night. As a church, His body on earth, we have the Words of
Eternal life. There is much rescue work to be done. Let's be about his
business, while there is still time.

Paul Mc

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