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Oct 13, 2001 Vol 01 : 075

NT Church Proliferation Digest Saturday, October 13 2001 Vol 01 : 075

[ntcp] More Resurections
[ntcp] Discipling 'Cousins.'

Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 23:46:54
From: "Jane Jafferi"
Subject: [ntcp] RESURRECTION


My name is Jane and I'm from Wisconsin. I introduced myself several
months ago and am a friend of Robert Fitts in Hawaii. I've not checked the
Digest for quite awhile but was startled today to see the topic was

I am a woman whom God raised from the dead. My daughter and I were in the
Philippines in May of 1994 on a YWAM missions outreach. I'd had severe heat
stroke, gone into shock, and died. Two of my eight teammates were certified
paramedics who can verify that I was dead for about four minutes. My
daughter was also there and told me that my team gathered around me and
prayed. The next thing I remember is hearing the voice of Peter, my
Australian teammate, rebuking the spirit of death and calling me back to
life. The only side effect I've had from that experience has been an
unquenchable thirst for water and the Word of God...OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME

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Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 10:19:08 +0200
Subject: [ntcp] More Resurections

Time for me to add my two penny worth.

Part of my training I enjoyed with Jean Darnall, the well known
evangelist. The story of her mothers resurection is recorded in Jeans
autobiography. I had the opportunity of meeting the mother as a very
old lady and was amazed at her vivacity and strength. Her resurection
was certified by a certified physician.

But........(Drum roll) answer Michaels question, what has
this got to do with church planting? the
following two stories, for which there are ample records.

In 1978, I was church planting in London, England. I was working with a
small group of 7 including myself. One evening the 3 year old daughter
of another member of the group fell down an open staircase, suffering a
complicated fracture of two fingers on her left hand. Serveral
neighbours saw the childs hand while they waited to be taken to the
hospital. In the hospital the hand was photographed and x-rayed. As a
specialist trauma surgeon was not available for several hours the
sedated her and put her to bed. I was called to go and pray for the
child, which I did. The only thing that I noticed was the strong faith
I had at the time that the child would be healed. I went home to bed.
Early the next morning the nurses came to prepare the child for
surgery. When they took off the bandages they found the hand beneath
whole complete and functioning with no sign of the fracture or wounds.
The hospital said that it was all a student joke, there was no
publicity, and it was not untill several years later that the family
were able to get copies of the before and after x-rays and photos. But
in the neighbourhood the story was told and the group grew from 7 to 70
in a month, with one of the new members the casualty doctor from the

For something a little more up to date, five years ago another
brotherand i had a heart to start a church in Castro Urdiales, about 10
miles from my home. We went there weekly to pray and spy out the land.
Later I was offered a job there teaching English in an accademy. One
day, two policemen entered my classroom and asked if I was Keith Smith,
and if i was a registered psychologist. I replied I was and they said I
had to go with them. Later I found that one of my pupils there was
secretary to the police chief, and she had told them to call me. They
had a situation of a "mad woman" throwing things from a sixth floor
appartment, and threatening to jump herself, she had already attacked a
policeman who tried to enter the flat, so they needed a registered
psychologist to sign the authorization for the judge to have her
committed and to try to "talk her down". The other shrinks in the town
had refused to go, because of the violence. I went up to the flat
accompanied by the chief of police and two guardia civils. As we opened
the door she slashed at one of the guardias with a kitchen knife, and
then ran into another room. Whilst the other guardia looked after his
friend and the police chief tried to get the girl out of the room, I
looked around. The walls were covered with grafitti and satanic
symbols, paintings of satanic scene's hung on the walls, there was a
crucifix hung upsidedown with pins stuck in it, and i had a growing
suspicion that the girl had other problems than madness. I went over to
the door where the police chief was and spoke through the door in
English commanding the demons in the name of Jesus to let the girl
alone. The door opened, and the girl stood there naked, covered in
excrement with her hair in disarray, but clearly in her right mind. I
told the demons to leave in the name of Jesus, and they went, you could
see the life come back into her eyes. We covered her with a blanket,
and waited for the ambulance and judge. The police chief was afraid and
sat the otherside of the room, so I sat the girl down and explained to
her what had happened, I said that she would go to hospital for a few
days and a friend would visit her. When she had been taken away, the
police chief asked me what he could put in his report, I said just put
what he had seen, and nothing more.

The next day, the mayor appeared in my classroom asking to see
me. Eventually he took me to lunch, because he wanted to know what had
happened. I told him everything and shared the gospel with him.
Although he wasn't converted, he promissed that he would do everything
in his power to see a church in his town. Since then he has been as
good as his word, providing special tax-free-status (something
evangelicals don't always enjoy in Spain), free building permits etc.
and a special police status. The girl was regularly visited by a pastor
friend, she wasn't saved but attends church now and again and has
renounced her former practices, I feel that she'll come on board one
day. Another church planted due to a miracle.

Finally a shortie, In 1977 I and another christian friend
prayed for the arm of a brother that had been crushed as a child,
leaving it as no more than a floppy tube hanging at his side. As we
prayed both my friend and I felt bone moving and growing within the
brothers arm. Within a minute his arm was complete, he could move it
normally and support weight. This brother went on to plant churches all
over London. Another miracle planting not one but many churches.

I haven't shared these stories to make me look good, all the
glory goes to Jesus who performed these miracles, but to show that
miracles are an important part of church planting. Lest any think that
I am some type of healing evangelist, i will add that many times I've
prayed and nothing has happened.


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Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2001 20:29:22 +0700
From: "Link"
Subject: [ntcp] Discipling 'Cousins.'

I don't to detract from the resurrection thread, but I'd like to suggest an
additional topic.

I notice here that some of the 'cousins' are very faithful to pray the number of
times a day they are supposed to. In the office, at certain times, the
'cousins' rotate and say their prayers. They spread their rugs, bow to the
west, and pray silently over and over. Before doing this, they go wash their
hands and feet in the bathroom, which is specially equipped with a place to wash
one's feet.

I wish prayer were such a normal regular part of American culture.

I have a question about former 'cousins' that become believers. What do you
think about the idea of teaching new believers to set aside certain times to
regularly pray during the day? I read in the 'Didache' where the author
instructed readers to pray the Lord's prayer 3 times a day. I know we don't
want to put people 'under the Law,' but isn't it a good thing to introduce into
a culture, new to the Gospel, certain habits of prayer?

Some of the rituals 'cousins' use come from Judaism/Eastern Christianity:
Bowing down, and saying 'God willing' for example.

There are three men in my office. One is part-time and isn't there as much, I
think. The full-time cousin goes to a nearby 'prayer dome' on Friday to hear
preaching. The women, of course, stay at work. I haven't seen anything in the
company handbook allowing employees to have a certain amount of time away to
pray or to go hear preaching. I sort of wish they had written it, and I wish
there were a meeting room on Friday for Christians to go pray. I might like to
be able to go to a certain place 5 times a day, around the time they rotate
through their prayers, where I could also have a brief, concentrated effort at
prayer. I'd feel weird about it, though, since it isn't something the company
explicitly says employees can do.


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