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Nov 4, 2001 Vol 01 : 004

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[ntcp] Please pray for India!!!
[ntcp] 2nd prayer request for India...
[ntcp] Church Planting discussion

Date: Sat, 03 Nov 2001 12:02:55
From: "Jane Jafferi"
Subject: [ntcp] Please pray for India!!!

Please pray for the Untouchables in India to come to Jesus. I am praying
about what the Father wants me to do personally to be a part of this, as
India was my first calling when I became a Christian. I'm sending along a
second forward on this same subject.......Jane

Hi Friends,

I have never before sent an e-mail to a whole bunch of people at one
time. Forgive me if it seems impersonal. I am writing to ask you to
pray about what is happening in India right now. We have the privilege
to pray for something that is unprecedented in human history. This
Saturday night from 10:30pm-4:30am(Sun), there will be a meeting of
1million people in Delhi, India. They are members of a low caste called
the "Dalits". The Dalits are the slave class, the "untouchables" of
India. They do the jobs like cleaning the latrines (We heard of one boy
for example who's job it is to carry human waste in a can on his head to
clean the sewer. He does this full-time and earns $2.00 a month- $2.00
is about a day's wage in India.) One Dalit boy in a movie theatre
recently put his foot against the back of a chair of a higher-caste
person and accidentally touched his foot. A few days later an angry mob
killed the boy and his family, chopped them up in pieces, put them in
garbage bags and threw them in a river in broad daylight. No one was
even arrested for the crime. This is typical of how they are treated.
There are 300 million Dalits in India. Brother K.P. (President of
Gospel For Asia) and Joseph D'Suza (President of the A.I.C.C.- All India
Christian Council) will be preaching the Gospel to these million Dalits.
There is a high government official in India named Ram Raj who is a
Dalit. Usually the Dalits are uneducated and illiterate. Ram Raj spied
in to classroom windows to learn how to read. Due to affirmative action
type hiring quotas in India, a certain number of Dalits have to be
employed in government jobs. Ram Raj is in an important Governmental
position (similar to what would be the head of the IRS in the U.S.).
Even though Ram Raj is a professed Bhuddist, his desire is to have all
the Dalit people become Christians. He believes that it is the only
religion in which they can find freedom. Some of the Dalit people have
heard that Christianity is welcoming the Dalit people (they are not even
allowed to go into the Hindu Temples) and in one town 700 Dalit's have
already received the Lord.

We know that Jesus came for such as these- the oppressed and downcast of
society. Ram Raj is convinced that as the Dalits start coming to Christ,
other low caste people in India will hear about it and want to become
Christians as well. There are about 700 million people in low castes in

There are many in India who are trying to stop this first meeting from
becoming a reality. (The high caste people would lose their slaves.)
Radical anti-christians have put a price on Ram Raj's life and yet even
though he is (as far as we know) not yet a Christian, he is willing to
die to bring his people to Christ.

Please (fast and) pray for-

- -the hundreds of millions of people who could come to Christ
- -the safety of Christian and Dalit leaders in India (like Brother K.P.,
Joseph D'Suza and Ram Raj)
- -the safety of Christians and Dalits in India
- -the first meeting of a million people
Texas time- (Saturday night 10:30pm-4:30am)
Hawaii time- (Saturday 6:30pm-12:30am)
- -the three hundred thousand people trained in martial arts and weapons
who want to stop Christianity from spreading in India.
- -that the Christian church in India would welcome the Dalits with open
- -that many would give to support radio programs (Gospel For Asia is
starting programs in at least 14 new languages for the Dalits), the
printing of New Testaments (GFA now has a press that can print up to
500,000 a month) and follow-up materials for the Dalits.

For more information you can check out the Gospel For Asia website at

And please ask others to pray.
God bless you,

This came through 2 separate prayer chains and I think should be
broadcast, it is occurring in a few days. S
- -

What an amazing time in the history of India! Please pray with me that
thousands would turn to faith in Christ when Dr Pudiate preaches in Delhi
on Nov 4th. He taught at my Missions Perspectives class in Colorado last
year and is a godly man of integrity. ( "Beyond the Next Mountain" is a
movie tells the story of his life and how his people group turned to
Christ many years ago. ) What joy that we have the opportunity to
participate in God's work through our prayers!

Let me share a wonderful moment in history with you. For a change we can
see it coming and can look forward to it and pray now!.

The "untouchables" or 'outcasts' of India have been at the bottom of the
caste system for 3000 years. Hinduism has taught that there is no escape
for them, so they have had the worst jobs, if any at all, and lived in
total poverty. They truly are the poorest, most deprived, hungry,
shunned, scorned, condemned, and most victimized people in India. They
number between 260 million to 300 million people. (about the population
of the United States.)
Coming from these 'untouchables' is a new 43 year old leader by the name
Ram Raj. He may be the highest educated 'untouchable' (Ph.D) and highest
placed (Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax for Delhi) in all of India. He
has lead these outcasts to formally denounce Hinduism for what it has
done to them for generations and to consider another religion. (In many
areas 'untouchables' are not even allowed to enter a Hindu,
why be Hindus?)
Islam has approached them and offered much. If the Muslims had the
dominate religion in India they would control about 1/3 of the people on
earth. However, the events of September 11 have caused the 'untouchables'
to move away from Islam. Buddhism is very attractive to them and the USA
attraction to it, via our movie personalities, has impressed them. Some
have already converted to this religion.
Dr. Rochunga Pudaite (Bibles to the World), one of our HCJB partners in
India, has presented Christianity to Ram Raj. He was warmly received.
Rochunga has been asked to make a formal presentation of Christianity to
one million 'untouchables' that will gather on Sunday, November 4th in
Dr. Pudaite already has a Gospel of John for each person and the Jesus
film in their languages.
Can you imagine being asked this question? "The only way for our people
to find freedom from 3000 years of slavery is to quit Hinduism and
Castism and embrace another faith. Christianity offers hope for us. We
want our people to become Christians. Can you help us?" Praise God,
Rochunga said "yes"!
Now, the hard facts! If the 'untouchables' respond to Christianity: It
will be the greatest revival of all time. There will need to be people to
conduct mass baptisms. (They already have 5000 Indian pastors lined
up).There will need to be churches available to these new converts. (Many
church planters are in the plan). There will need to be trained pastors
for these churches (Can we help here?) Radio could be greatly used in the
follow-up process...(we will need to be proactive). The churches in India
will need to accept 'untouchables' in their services. (Reeducation). It
change India for ever.
Can you believe this great event will happen in less than two weeks? We
need to get every Christian praying for Dr. Pudaite. Pray for
wisdom...pray for his safety (there will be organized resistance)...pray
for the 'untouchables'.
You might also want to pray that the media will be aware of what God does
at this amazing event and report it with awe. Our loving God will provide
salvation -- we need to provide prayer support for this event! I know in
my heart, you are up to the task as 'watchmen on the wall'!

HCJB World Radio
P.O. Box 39800
Colorado Springs, CO 80949

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Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2001 08:32:16 EST
From: Steffasong
Subject: [ntcp] Church Planting discussion

In a message dated 11/01/2001 3:44:58 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
> Few people will take the route of submitting to an established work and
> learning the ropes of ministry from experienced people in a forbidding
> setting. But this, I think, is usually the best path-- in any place in the
> world where a congregation has already been planted, or is being planted,
> nearby.

Hello Michael and all,

Yes, I tend very much to agree. It's much easier (even in the unknowing and
uncertainty) to plant and establish rather than help and support a work that
has already been started. Seems there's a lot more submission and dying to
self in the supporting/helping as opposed to the establishing/planting role.
Maybe that's why so many people want to start 'a new church.'

I don't know. Perhaps that is true only for some. For husband and I it is
easier to hear God and just step out and go do it (ie. plant a church), rather
than come shoulder to shoulder with someone else who is already toiling in a
field. However, to go with 'what is easier' or more comfortable is really
moot if we are choosing that rather than getting with what God is doing in an
area. The Church of Jesus Christ does not need more divisions and lines of
demarcation, the Church needs more workers who are surrendered to the Lord,
ready and willing to do WHATEVER He says, whenever.

This is why I have a tendency not to recognize names and titles, such as the
way you have described the prophets who blow into town to speak the word of
truth over a people. God does, in fact, use his people in prophetic ways, in
Church Planting apostolic ways, in evangelistic ways, etc... .but the minute we
carry a title on overselves or put one on someone else it serves to limit what
we THINK God can use us to do.

I've heard saints say, "I am a prophet." Cool. Then prophecy. But don't
think that opening your home to serve a simple meal is something that you're
not called to as well on a DIFFERENT day, or RATHER than prophesying. Do you
get what I am saying?

We can limit God... by what we think and say are our callings. He is the
gift, and can and will manifest Himself through us (as His ambassadors) in many
and various ways throughout the span of our lives. When I was younger, I always
thought my gift was worship. I limited God for a long time thinking that was
'my calling,' because I saw the need so deeply for living a life of worship and
helping others to understand true worship ....and praise. More of a
discipleship ministry....

God, on the other hand, decided one day to say, I am calling you to plant.
YIPES! "You are, God? But I am not a church planter!!!" The Lord says, "Ah,
perhaps not, child, but I AM, and I am in you, and I can do ALL THINGS!!"

May we continually be open to learning at HIS FEET, to walk in HIS ways, and to
encourage each other ....until that glorious day!

Thanks for your response!

Stephanie Bennett

"When I worship, I would rather my
heart be without words than my words
be without heart." -Lamar Boschman

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