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New Testament Church Proliferation Digest Thursday, February 28 2002 Vol 02 : 050
Re: [NTCP] Entering the fray ... Apostolic gatherings?
Re: [NTCP] RE: Confronting the evidence
[NTCP] Your home a training and equipping centre

Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 07:05:37 -0500
From: "Samuel Buick"
Subject: Re: [NTCP] Entering the fray ... Apostolic gatherings?

Thanks for jumping in Dan!

From: Dan Snyder

>Ps. Here's a thought - Does a city-wide meeting have to be "apostolic" in
>nature (especially if there's no apostle around!). Could it be a church
>meeting? Could the scattered saints just come together at an agreed upon time
>and place... and meet in mutuality?

I would have to wholeheartedly agree. I have been blessed of late in
connecting with a brother from Indiannapolis, Mike Peters, and he said that
often times, they simply put notices or through word of mouth say, "The saints
in Indiannapolis are meeting at such and such a park on such and such a day and time. Come one and all and let us see what Our Lord has in store for us as we gather together." No clergy, no structure, no program, no agenda. Just come
and see how the Spirit meets each believer and brings life and connection as to what He desires to be and do in the midst of all who gather. I really like
that. We are talking of similar types of gatherings now.

We have spontaneously connected with little notice just to get together and
express the Life of Jesus together. We have had spontaneous picnics, gathered
to plaster and paint a man's house where 'church' broke out and everyone was
strengthened and encouraged! One man said, "I have experienced more of Christ
in this time of plastering, sanding and painting, that I have ever experienced
in any church or religious setting!" Really cool what happens when the saints
love each other and honor and prefer one another...Jesus shows up!



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Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 08:34:58 -0500
From: forwarded
Subject: Re: [NTCP] RE:
Confronting the evidence

From: Link Hudson

Micheal M.,

I don't see where you have made a case for 'monoepiscopacy' in the post NT,
ante-Nicene period, if we take the word 'bishop' in it's NT usage. In the NT,
all the presybters are told to episcopize the flock. So how is Ignatius
evidence for having one elder?

To all, on the issue of having a king,

On the issue of Saul-- I don't think I sent a message on this yesterday but
forgive the redundancy if I did. One of my professors in college (secular
college, an OT class) pointed out that Saul was anointed as a 'nasi' that is a
prince. I think that may have been the term used for judges. Samuel was old and his children accepted bribes. Israel did need a leader. Saul was a man the Lord had chosen. Samuel anointed him and said the Lord had chosen him, but the
people had chosen him as a king. God let them have Saul as a king.

But the Torah did speak of Israel being given a king. God did choose David to
be a king. Saul actually had an opportunity to be given a dynasty, but he lost
it due to disobedience.

So how does this apply to the pastoral system? Should we have a king in our
church? The only King we should have is the Lord. Jesus is the Son of David.
David is a type of Christ. Below David were various leaders, including the
elders of Israel. So in a local church, Christ should be King. There are
usually other leaders responsible to lead His flock as well, but Christ is the

Link Jakarta

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Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 14:46:17 -0500
From: "Samuel Buick"
Subject: [NTCP] Your
home a training and equipping centre

Greetings list!

I guess the 'bishop battle' has worn out the troops! Not too much action and
interaction the last few days.

I wanted to address something that I find pivotal to the house church movement
(for lack of a better expression - I hope the house church is a movement and
not static and entrenched). This has to do with the reproduction process.

I believe there are two issues of which one affects the other, and one must I
believe preclude the other. When we talk about the multiplication of house
church's we can get overwhelmed or carried away with all the data and criteria
needed to plant house church's in a given area. Having been throug three
church planter schools with three denominational groups (Pentecostal, Brethen
In Christ, and Vineyard) I know the hoops CPers jump through in the process of
'qualifying' to be a CPer. Planting house church's is so much simpler, but the
emphasis on the actual church plant I believe is a wrong emphasis.

When we talk about training and equipping what are we talking about? Are we
talking about ministry or about Christ? Big difference here.

I believe the priority in the multiplication process, and this is where the
training and equipping must be PRIOR to the multiplication of the gatherings
that meet in homes, has to be on REPRODUCING LIFE and NOT the ministry. By this
I mean we must conclude that in the three years the disciples were with Christ,
they had ONE MINISTRY TRIP of two weeks duration which they failed miserably.
They rejoiced in all the ministry that took place, while Jesus exhorted them to
rejoice in the relationship they had with Him through the Father and that their
names were written in the Book of Life. This is a danger for all of us.

Our focus in CPing must be on the REPRODUCTION OF THE LIFE OF CHRIST in each of
us, and THEN on HIS MINISTRY THROUGH US as we move out and church planter.

So for me the reality must begin with a foundation based on INTIMACY and
RELATIONSHIP and becoming FAMILY. From there we learn HOW TO LET CHRIST
MINISTER by HIS SPIRIT through us to others by living and experiencing Christ
together 24/7. Every occassion to come together, picnics, just hanging out,
dinner, outings, working together, comes an opportunity to experience Christ

And this brings me to my point here....

We just moved in a new house last weekend. We are using our house as a
training and equipping centre. We are inviting anyone from across Canada to
come and stay with us for 4 days to a week and experience intimacy with Jesus
and with one another in everyday body life and expression. Then during certain
days they will visit with others within our house church network at house
church gatherings, Healing Room gatherings, and will participate in a Robert
Fitts type ABC gathering (closed small group focussed on equipping and
releasing others, that meets for a year with the goal of planting house
church's). Then at the end we will have a large meal together with all the
saints, a time of impartation and blessing, the laying of hands, and prophetic
ministry, and then we will release them to return home with some resources to
plant house church's in their own community. I am really excited at what is
about to happen here in our home.

What about all of you out there? Ever thought of opening up your home, not for
'meetings' but for gatherings that express the life of Christ, and making your
home a safe place for people to experience LIFE, and then seeing the ministry
of Jesus flow out of the life of Jesus in them?

I think that this is the essence of what 'church' should be! It is about

What do you all think?



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