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New Testament Church Proliferation Digest Sunday, March 24 2002 Vol 02 : 060
Re: RE: [NTCP] Query
[NTCP] Weekly Prayer Needs

Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 15:02:37
From: "David Jaggernauth"
Subject: Re: RE: [NTCP] Query

An interesting point I'd like to make, the "Bible" that the early Church used
was just the Old Testament, I wonder exactly what did they preach from the old
testament?? We focus mostly on the NT now in the Church today, but they were
able to receive so much life from the OT back then.

Perhaps this was also the reason they fell away from the truth so quickly,
their tendency eventually shifted toward the liturgical based on the OT model
that was prevalent in the Synagogue (Paul had a constant battle with judaizers
in the Church and had to constantly fend off their attempts to enforce a
Judaistic pattern of Christianity in the Church), hence the eventual trend
toward the One man rule type Church. This system is being copied today by many
Full Gospel churches and their leadership model is based on a Mosaic pattern
rather than NT, a system which in my opinion has also failed.

If this is the case, it seems to me that the old model that evolved failed, why
should we want to bring back something that failed??? Or try to imitate the
original form that evolved into the eventual collapse of Christianity.

David Jaggernauth

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Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2002 06:31:46 -0500
From: Richard Wright
Subject: [NTCP] Weekly Prayer Needs

Hello all,

Please keep these needs before the Lord on a daily basis. As someone once
observed, "Things happen when we pray, that don't happen when we don't pray".

When the Lord answers your need, please be sure to let us know so that we can
all rejoice together!

Pray for:

18/03/02: I would not normally ask, but today I am going to my GP and will have
blood work done.

For 6 weeks my farsighted vision has begun to blur. I went to my optometrist
last Thursday. His conclusion was that it could be one of three things.

1. Stress 2. Cataract change 3. Diabetes

I have been receiving prayer for a complete healing. I am asking the brothers
and sisters on this list to pray for my healing. I will be getting the blood
work done this afternoon at 3:30 pm EST.

Thanks for your prayers.


19/03/02: I am working one on one this week in a bad area of town just 20
minutes or so from where I am staying in Denver. It is known for
prostitution,drug dealers,and other dangerous characters. Specifically I am
going to be prayer walking the motels on Colfax. I think a lot of them are
looking for something to find relief from their problems and many of them have
turned to church but the system chases them off instead of loving them. Keep me
in prayer as I do this. If God wills allow him to open doors. Pray that God
sends a strong partner in the faith to help encourage me. In what the Lord is
leading me to do. My health hasn't been the best the last few weeks and I could
use some prayer on that as well. a son in the faith, David

Thanks for your faithful support.

Phil. 3:12-14

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