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New Testament Church Proliferation Digest Sunday, March 31 2002 Vol 02 : 063
RE: [NTCP] NTCP: RE Establishing the complete Lordship of Jesus
Re: [NTCP] Query
[NTCP] The real St. Patrick
Re: [NTCP] The real St. Patrick
[NTCP] Re: Sexual abuse
Re: [NTCP] The real St. Patrick
[NTCP] George Patterson here...

Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 21:37:39 -0400
From: "vanessadd"
Subject: Re: [NTCP] NTCP: RE Establishing the complete Lordship of Jesus

This reminds me of teaching in a normal school. Some teachers make kids very
dependent on them, others teach them to think. I find that the best way to
teach to be independent is to talk very little, only what must be said, and
correcting what the learners are saying. Ask them questions, correct their
answers, ask them why they thought so, and show them why they were wrong,
trying to show them that it is their past culture that had them in the wrong

We must also tell them, over and over , that Jesus will teach them pÈrsonally
if only they pray enough.

Just an idea...


BTW; I also need this address changed to van3hijos(--AT--), if anyone
could do it for me, or send me instructions?

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Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 09:36:21 +0200
From: "Deborah"
Subject: Re: [NTCP] Query

Vanessa wrote:

>I have always thought of liturgy as something primitive: for cave men, and I
>think so of makeup and fancy clothes, too.

Why, ... if you weren't so far away, I'd pulverize you with my club, ...
careful of course not to soil my Oscars-worthy wardrobe, or smear my lipstick.
And all the while I'd be ritually lighting candles (to see in my cave) and
chanting the Apostles Creed. ;-)

I guess I can join the ranks of those on this listserve who have been sexually
abused, although my experience was only a one time affair. Thank God! When I
was four I was taken by a teenage boy to a field beside our family's house and
... I haven't a clue. The memories of all but the trip to the field are
blocked out. But my parents' remember well what I told them happened when I
came home that afternoon naked and crying. Can't learn those things from a
book ... when you're only four.

Sam B wrote:

>In every context of house church, wherever anything has been repeated by
>'rote' even though that person may be passionate about it, as in reciting the
>Apostles' Creed, there is always a 'deadness' to it.

I know that is many people's impression of liturgy, but my experience has been
different. I have moved from a distinctly anti-liturgical stance to one of
embracing "the past" as a means of properly aiming toward the future. Some
tapes by John R. W. Stott helped me to see a couple of biblical passages which
had been "selectively" filtered out of my theology. Such as the one(s) in which
Jesus used the same words when he prayed three times in the garden before his
arrest (Mat. 26:44; Mar. 14:39). The same words! Some might call that "rote".
But I asked myself, "How can a 'same word prayer' automatically be 'dead' if
the Son of God prayed that way?".

I also have several friends, filled with the Holy Spirit, who opted for the
Greek Orthodox Church. They helped me see that liturgy is ancient, biblical,
and alive. And they kept their relational fervor for the Lord. I am not Greek
Orthodox because of a few other areas of disagreement-- not the least of which
is icons-- but because of my friends I studied through the matter of liturgy,
even though I was initially convinced as you are that "liturgical" is
synonomous with "dead". I was wrong.

For me, the primary concern is always, "Is this biblical?," or at the least
allowed by Scripture. In the case of liturgy, it is *quite* biblical. As a
person who seeks to be NT in all my church expressions, that holds more weight
for me than whether or not I like it at first. I have learned through the
years that God has asked me to do many things which I did not initially like,
... but which were good for me in the end. I have grown to appreciate liturgy
as a way to worship God on earth more like He is worshipped in heaven. That
for me is important! And you can't get any more "alive" than heavenly

I have been praying for your complete recovery and will continue to do so, Sam.
Blessings to all this resurrection season. We will be celebrating the PESAKH
(Passover) tonight! Then the resurrection on Sunday at the Garden Tomb. Pray
for peace to come to this land ... and for the Prince of Peace to return. I am
so tired of the fighting and killing.


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Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 03:08:08 -0500
From: David Anderson
Subject: [NTCP] The real St. Patrick

Howdy from TN,

Somewhere beyond the leprechauns, shamrocks, and green apparel is the real St.

House church folk can appreciate the zeal of young Patrick who told the local
bishops that whether he was ordained or not by them, he was heading for Ireland
(then Scotland) to preach Jesus.

Do we care enough to share? And old bluegrass song sung in these parts is
called: You never mentioned Him to me.

David Anderson

Here's a part of the story: NOTHING could be more unpretending, or farther
removed from display, than the manner in which Patrick entered on his mission.
We see him go forth, not, indeed, alone, but with only a small following of
obscure and humble disciples. He has communicated his design to a few select
members of the British church of Strathclyde: they have approved his purpose,
and caught a portion of his spirit, and now offer themselves as the associates
of his future labours. On a certain day they proceed together to the sea shore,
and pass over to the other side. On that voyage hang events of incalculable
consequence. If the tempest shall burst and mishap befall the tiny ship now
labouring amid the tides of the Irish Channel, history must alter its course,
and the destiny of nations will be changed. Tirechan, the eighth-century
commentator on the "Life of Patrick," deeming so mean an escort altogether
unbefitting so great an occasion, has provided Patrick with a sumptuous retinue
of "holy bishops, presbyters, deacons, exorcists, ostiari, and lictors." It is
hard to see the need he had of such an attendance, or the help these various
functionaries could give him in his labours among the savage clans of pagan
Ireland. But in truth the coracle that carried Patrick across the Channel bore
no such freight. This army of spiritual men is the pure creation of the
chronicler's pen.

The little party crossed the sea in safety, and arrived at Innes Patrick, a
small island off the coast of Dublin. Their stay here was short, the place
being then most probably uninhabited. They next sailed along the coast
northward, halting at various points on their voyage to recruit their stock of
provisions. In some instances the inhabitants absolutely refused to supply
their necessities, and sent then away fasting, and Patrick, his biographers
say, punished their niggardliness by pronouncing the curse of barrenness on the
rivers and fields of these inhospitable people.[1] These "bolts of
malediction," as his biographers term them, we may well believe, are as purely
imaginary as the crowd of "holy bishops" that formed his train. Such fictions
serve only to show how ill these writers understood the man whose character
they had undertaken to portray. Patrick bore neither weapon in his hand nor
malediction on his lip: he had come to preach peace, and to scatter blessings,
and, after the example of a Greater, he took no account whether they were
friends or enemies on whom these blessings lighted.

Continuing their course, Patrick and his fellow-voyagers reached the coast of
Ulster, and finally disembarked at the mouth of the Slain, a small river now
called Slany. The spot lies between the town lands of Ring Lane and
Ballintogher, about two miles from Sabhal or Saul. [2] Here it was that Patrick
began his great career. In the little band which we see stepping on shore at
Downpatrick to begin work among the Scots in Ireland, we behold the beginning
of that great movement among the Celtic nations by which Christianity, during
the course of the three following centuries, was spread from the banks of the
Po to the frozen shores of Iceland.

Patrick's first sermon was preached in a barn. The use of this humble edifice
was granted him by the chief of the district, whom, the legend says, was the
same man as his former master, Milchu. When we see Patrick rising up before a
crowd of pagan Scots in this barn we are reminded of the wooden shed in which
Luther, ten centuries afterwards, opened his public ministry in the market
place of Wittenberg. In a fabric having as little pretension to show or
grandeur did Patrick open his mission in Ireland. He spoke in the dialect of
those whom he addressed. The Celtic was then the common tongue of the North of
Europe. The dialect of Ireland might differ from the dialect of Patrick's
birthplace, but that presented no difficulty in his case, seeing he had made
himself familiar with the dialect of Ulster during the six years that he herded
sheep on its mountains. He knew not the tongue only but the hearts also of the
men who now stood before him. He had learned to read them when he mingled with
them as a slave. To what device had he recourse to gain their attention? How
was he able to procure for his words entrance into their dark minds? How is it
that the lightning penetrates the gloom of the deepest midnight? Is it not by
its own inherent illuminating power? Patrick's words were light, light from the
skies; and simply by their own silent and celestial power, like the lightning
of the clouds, did they penetrate the pagan darkness and chase the night from
the souls of these men.

The churchmen in Rome at that day were vying with each other in the glory of
their official garments, and the grandeur of their temples, sure signs that
they had begun to distrust the power of their message. It was in his perfect
confidence in the unimpaired omnipotent power of the Gospel message, that
Patrick's great strength lay. As the days when the Gospel walked in Galilee and
preached to men by the sea shore and on the mountain's side, so was now to be
in Ulster. The Gospel had returned to the simplicity, and with the simplicity,
to the power of its youth. Smitten with premature decrepitude in the proud
Italian capital, it was about to go forth with the footsteps of a mighty
conqueror on the mountains of Antrim. While the eloquence of Chrysostom was
evoking only the noisy plaudits of the gay citizens of Constantinople, the
words of Patrick were to draw forth from the Scots of Ulster the tears of
genuine penitence.

Standing up before his audience in the same garb in which he had crossed the
sea, and speaking to them in their mother tongue, Patrick told them the simple
but grand story of the cross. The rugged exterior of the speaker was soon
forgotten in the wonder and amazement which his message awakened. Like a fire,
it searched the souls of his hearers through and through. Like a great hammer,
it smote upon their consciences and awoke them from their deep sleep. As it had
been formerly with Patrick himself, so was it now with these ignorant and
fierce men; their own former selves came out of the darkness of their
ignorance, and stood before their eyes. What had their past life been but one
long transgression! So did they now see it. Like men coming out of a stupor,
and struggling painfully back into consciousness, so these men, in whom a moral
and spiritual consciousness was now being developed, returned to life with pain
and agony, feeling the load of guilt and wretchedness that lay upon them. To
efface the record of these iniquitous deeds was impossible, and it was equally
beyond their power to atone for them. And yet satisfaction, they felt, there
must be, otherwise the approach of a doom, as terrible as it was righteous,
could not be stayed. What were they to do? On every side they saw themselves
confronted with stern realities, not to be met by fictions or mystic rites, but
by realities equally great. Behind them were acts of flagrant transgression. In
front of them was a Law in which they heard the voice of a great Judge
speaking, and saying, "The wages of sin is Death" Trouble and anguish took hold
upon them.

Anon there began to pass another change upon the men gathered round Patrick,
and listening for the first time in their lives to the Gospel from his lips.
They began to understand that this was a message from Heaven; and they gathered
hope from the fact that the Great Father had sent one to call them from the
errors in which they had long wandered, and bring them back to himself. It was
clear that He had no pleasure in their death. Light began to break in through
their deep darkness. And now there seemed to be unveiled before them, as if by
an unseen hand, a Tree on which a Divine Victim was suspended, who was bearing
their sins and dying in their room. It was this wondrous sight that changed the
words of the preacher from a message of condemnation and death into a message
of forgiveness and life. Here was the very satisfaction which their conscience
craved in order that it might lay down its burden. Here was blood of priceless
value, and not a spot in all the black record of their past lives which it
could not wash out. This was the door of life eternal. At its threshold neither
money nor merit was demanded as the condition of admission. Why, then, should
they not press into the kingdom, and sit down with the patriarchs and prophets,
the kings and righteous men of former ages? They did so. Their pagan life cast
off, their hearts purified by the truth, they entered and enrolled their names
in that goodly and glorious company which counts among its members men of every
age and of every race, and the least of whom is greater than the highest of the
grandees of the empires of earth.

It was not every one in the assembly now gathered round Patrick whose heart was
touched, and was able to press into the kingdom, the door of which he opened to
his hearers. Nor was it, perhaps, the major part; but even if only a few
responded to his call, that was much in the circumstances. The heart of the
missionary was cheered. He heard in the occurrence a voice bidding him go
forward and fear not. If he had been haunted by misgivings that one so humble
as he felt himself to be had committed a grave imprudence in undertaking so
great an enterprise, these misgivings were now set at rest. These first fruits
were the pledges of a great harvest in days to come. The whole land would be
given him provided he had zeal to labour and faith to wait. The Gospel had
given another proof of its power, and one not the least illustrious of the many
it had exhibited since it began its career. Ere this day it had visited many
lands, and told its message in almost all the tongues of earth, barbarous and
civilized; it had traversed the vast territory that stretches from the shores
of the Nile to the banks of the Ganges, from the snows of Atlas to the
mountains of the Kurds, leaving on its path all throughout that immense field
the monuments of its beneficent spirit, and transforming energy in tribes
emancipated and civilized, in institutions and laws ameliorated, and in
individual lives rescued from degradation and ennobled by purity and hope. But
it may be questioned whether the Gospel had ever entered a region where, judged
from human standpoint, its success was more improbable than among the Scots in
Ireland, intractable and stubborn in disposition, held in bondage by their
chieftains, and inspired with awe and terror by their Druidic priests. Yet here
it was that the Gospel was destined to win its more conspicuous, and certainly
its most enduring triumph.

The commission of Patrick had now received its first attesting seal. "He
tarried many days there," says the "Book of Armagh." He journeyed over the
whole district, preaching and teaching, "and there the faith began to spread."

History of the Scottish Nation by JAMES A. WYLIE

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Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 07:45:20 -0500
From: "Samuel Buick"
Subject: Re: [NTCP] The real St. Patrick

Hi David: Thanks for this email. Patrick is a hero of mine for many reasons.
My mother's ancestors are from Downpatrick, County Down. I am from Belfast,
County Antrim as is my father. I am a mixture of Ulster Scot and French

You mention the Scots in Ulster. Interesting bit of 'Irish' history which many
Americans do not understand, which has much bearing on the 'troubles' of the
last 40 years in Ulster, is that the 'Protestants' in Ulster do NOT trace their
roots to the Ulster Plantaion, but see the Ulster Plantation where 'Scots' who
were the ORIGINAL people of central and northern Ireland (and who had fled the
warring tribes of the GAELIC Irish in the south west and retreated behind what
is known as Pigs Dike, and defensive perimeter guarding the north), these very
same Scots retreated to western Scotland. If you check Irish and Scotish
history you see the connection quite clearly in the line of kings and the
relationship between Ireland and Scotland. Both peoples were know as Scots,
until the increased mythology and distortion of history, mostly promulgated by
Irish nationalists such as Sinn Fein and the IRA, who promote that Ireland has
nothing in common with Britain and Scotland in particular. There is nothing
farther from the truth. Patrick knew this connection and his travels and
ministry prove the point clearly.

So, I thank you David for bringing up Patrick and giving a quick survey of his
early ministry.

I have waged a long and protracted war against the propaganda of the Sinn
Fein/IRA myths concerning Ireland and her history. To read your email was a
breath of fresh air.


Sammy Buick, a native son of Ulster who resides in Canada

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Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 20:28:51 +0100
Subject: [NTCP] Re: Sexual abuse

I really don't need extra work, but if any more folk on the list have problems
in this area and would like to write me off list, I would really love to help
you in any way that I could.

Blessings, Keith

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Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 20:34:19 +0100
Subject: Re: [NTCP] The real St. Patrick

Well bless you David,

I often use stories of the Celtic saints to teach truth's to the folk here in
Norther Spain. Not many people know that the northern Spainish are a celtic
people too, and they love to hear about the celtic saints (although celtic
christianity never arrived here). Your right David, the old celtic saints have
a lot to teach housechurch folk. Just to put a cat among the pidgeons, they
even had women bishops, both singly and plural:).

Blessings, Keith.

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Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002 17:21:19 -0500
From: forwarded
Subject: [NTCP] George Patterson here...

From: George Patterson (From an unrecognized address, thus delayed.)

Hello all,

Please keep these needs before the Lord on a daily basis. As someone once
observed, "Things happen when we pray, that don't happen when we don't pray".

When the Lord answers your need, please be sure to let us know so that we can
all rejoice together!

Pray for:

Group Prayer List

18/03/02: I would not normally ask, but today I am going to my GP and will have
blood work done.

For 6 weeks my farsighted vision has begun to blur. I went to my optometrist
last Thursday. His conclusion was that it could be one of three things.

1. Stress 2. Cataract change 3. Diabetes

I have been receiving prayer for a complete healing. I am asking the brothers
and sisters on this list to pray for my healing. I will be getting the blood
work done this afternoon at 3:30 pm EST.

Thanks for your prayers.


ANSWER 24/03/02: I received an email from Robert Fitts and one of his
intercessors who happens to be a doctor who practices with the doctor who wrote
"The Diabetes Cure". He suggested I take four supplements. I have done so since
last Wednesday, and already I am seeing, literally seeing changes in my

I know that through prayer and aligning myself to that which is good and
responsible for my body, that the Lord will perform the miracle I am crying out
for. I go to the the optometrist on 1 April, and to my GP on the 9'th of April.
The blood work results are being forwarded to the optometrist. I should have a
better idea of what is going on by then. Please continue to pray.


Sam -

19/03/02: I am working one on one this week in a bad area of town just 20
minutes or so from where I am staying in Denver. It is known for
prostitution,drug dealers,and other dangerous characters. Specifically I am
going to be prayer walking the motels on Colfax. I think a lot of them are
looking for something to find relief from their problems and many of them have
turned to church but the system chases them off instead of loving them. Keep me
in prayer as I do this. If God wills allow him to open doors. Pray that God
sends a strong partner in the faith to help encourage me. In what the Lord is
leading me to do. My health hasn't been the best the last few weeks and I could
use some prayer on that as well. a son in the faith,


25/03/02: (Please read the whole post on this, to get the full picture of the
need Dick) I ask you to pray for my heart that it would not become hardened.
I am weary and don't have a desire to fighting to get him help when he keeps
rejecting my efforts to help. I would love for Tom to be healed. I struggle
with questions of why we ask for healing but don't get what we are believing
for. God's timing is not easy to understand. I feel the Lord telling me not to
give in to Tom's threats or manipulation, but to really wait on the Lord and
let him have his way with Tom. Please pray for: Josiah 17 years old and not
walking with the Lord rightly and not desiring to see Dad, hasn't been up to
see Dad. Jacob 16 (walking with the Lord and open to seeing Dad.) Saw Dad March
23rd Hannah 14 years old (walking with the Lord but not willing to see Dad. I
made her go see him March 9th.) Gabe 12 years old. (walking with the Lord and
willing to see Dad) Saw dad March 9th and March 23rd. Mike 21years old not
walking with the Lord Jesus and not very involved with us. Haven't seen him for
several months Tom (my beloved husband of 18 years) walking in sorrow in need
of prayers of the saints of the most high. Debb (Tom's wife of 18 years)
walking with the Lord Jesus (and being carried by the arms of my heavenly
Father) Please pray that God will give me wisdom, discernment, grace, and that
His hand would be upon me, that he will keep me from evil, and that I would not
harm anyone. Ysi Christ,

Debbie~ - 25/03/02: From a victim of abuse Please pray for strength and
endurance. Pray for energy and the Holy Spirit's guidance and healing. Pray
that if God will's that this would all go away. Many say I must continue to
rest and God will give me new energy. But God is telling me to give my life
away every day and I will have a new one someday. I long for that. I wish I
could love better. I wish I had more to give. Thanks for the prayers and

A son in the faith, David

- Please help! My mother is old and not well. Her husband is older and had
to be put in a "home" for a couple of weeks. He has dementia and now wants to
come home and my mother cannot take care of him but will literally kill herself
trying. He gets up all through the night and takes things apart and takes money
out of her purse. They are broke. I am a single mother of two and have devoted
my life to the children I prayed for. We could move with her but she is not a
pleasant person to live with and I don't think I could live with her daily
criticism...she means well and loves her husband and I just don't know what to

I am eagerly awaiting some reply. Any reply.

Darlene J. Dowling

- ----

3/30/02: pray for our landfill school project, which will rescue 2000 children
from surviving off a landfill..


- ----

4/01/02: I am looking for someone in Tulsa, OK to minister to a wife and
daughter. They are unchurched, have no friends, little finances, and the
husband walked out on them this weekend for another woman.

Mike S

- ----

4/05/02: We are danger. It's a good time to pray for our land, and to
continually pray for the peace, health and safety of Israel and Jerusalem. We
know that bitter days are marked out by God for that city, but let us not be
found standing on the wrong side of this battle. Better to die a horrible death
on the Lord's side, than to become rich as a traitor.

In Jesus, Jim

Thanks for your faithful support.

Dick Phil. 3:12-14

Over the last year many personal battles I have fought and won not by own
strength but by God's. This year has been tough. Satan has attacked me on every
side and in every way. People from within the body of Christ have attacked me,
and now 2 dear friends are in dire straights.

Scott Smyth, of Beijing, China a house church planter/Engish Teacher has been
missing for over 2 weeks. Some say he was arrested others rumor other things. I
don't know and only pray for his safety. He has influenced me a lot in the last
few months with his calm emails and balanced approach to spreading the gospel
and living every day life. Many within the house church movement considered his
approach radical as he did not encourage formal gatherings but rather met in
smaller groups of 3 to 5 people often through the week. Praying, breaking of
bread, and helping others share these simple gatherings and helping others love
each other. Many estimate he was directly used by God to share the gospel with
thousands of new believers in the last 6 months alone. My whole idea of church
has changed because I have heard of his radical idea of "illegitimate church"
using simple gatherings of a few people.

Lihi Avrashi, of Tel Aviv,Israel a youthful spirt to say the least and a
"fighter" is struggling to remain in Israel yet she continues to be continually
stubborn and has been meeting with some new friends also her age and Jewish and
openly sharing Christ. These simple informal gatherings could only lead to much
needed peace in the region. Part of me wants her to return to the states and
part of me hopes that she remains in Israel and is continued to be used by God
to share the gospel to a much needed area of the world. Her simple youthful
approach to christianity. and her belief that it is not a religion but a daily
way of life also has influenced my belief on church planting.

Monday Night I shut down my website after deep prayer about many things. One of
them Scott's influence on the site. His guiding hand to my often "jumpy" hand.
I tend to jump from project to project and well I am tired of it. My reasons
for having it were to reach out to people in the house church movement who get
distracted by the form of gathering and lose track of Jesus as I see this
happening so often in the "House Church Movement". But something that many
people including my house church family have encouraged me in the past few
months is this.

When you find something you love. Give it 200 Percent and don't look back. I
tend to give 10 projcets 20 percent of my time and become
spirtiually,physically, and emotionally exhausted. I can not afford to do this.
Many dear friends offer to pay my way to Israel so that I could work their and
though someday this is a desire of mine to do. Now it is not. Nor is a "house
church website", nor is church planting in the traditional sense.

However, my desire is to continue in helping the people I am helping grow in
their faith. I have heard of new church growth from a brother my age in
Minnesota who I befriended in my second church plant last year who is now
growing and multiplying the church. Even though many "house church groups" and
institutional church groups would not consider this church. Yet 2 or 3 times a
week teenagers and young college students in Northfield,Minnesota gather
together to remember Jesus and encourage one another to continually follow Him.

Likewise, in Raleigh, North Carolina a young lady who also is a dear friend is
helping plant Jesus in this same fashion in her town.

These people took this concept away from me. That is when I realized that what
I was helping with was also "church" or the beginnings of churches....Meeting
occasionally with small groups on Red Rocks Community College,and Colorado
Christian University, and also in motels with the discards of the world and the
church. The foundation has been laid. And instead of trying to plant house
churches, I am just going to plant Jesus. And I am going to do it with 200
percent. Because I love Jesus and to be honest it is all I really want to cling

I sought an apostle to pour water over His hands and to be honest this
relationship is futile. We are not alike he is not man like myself broken and
crushed by the world. Humbled by his own beginnings. Our only commonality is
Jesus and I feel like his real focus is building a "network" of churches
instead of building up the Church through Jesus. I feel like this growing
network of house churches is not trying to Be Jesus so much as trying to
multiply the church. One thing that Scott Smyth taught me is that
multiplcication comes through increased quality, which comes through increased
brokeness, which leads to total reliance on Jesus. Every day I wake up and
realize that I must get down on my knees and confess my uselessness and Jesus
as my all in all my door to heaven. Many confuse this as a "wounded" reaction
to my past. I realize that I am not unlike anyone else. Mankind is all hurt by
sin, our own and our neighbors and we must all confess Jesus and take up our
cross and in doing so He will heal us. Someone recently told me to "mentor" my
elder. My elder laughed, I laughed, and many of my friends laughed. My elder
said. Don't mentor me. Mentor Jesus. I killed my heart when I was younger. You
have a great heart live with it. My friend Melanie said to me in encouraging
word to help agree with me on this issue.

I would encourage you to Mentor Jesus, to Follow Jesus just as you are trying
to do. Don't worry about being misunderstood and don't try to turn a donkey
into a horse. Some relationships aren't meant to be. Peter and Paul probably
would not have made the best of partners even though they had a common faith.

I would encourage you brothers to lay aside your useless talks of Liturgy
asside. Does God even consider this useful religion I doubt it. In fact true
religion is caring for widow in distress and loving Children. Seek this and you
will find your useful relgion.

Jesus is recorded as spending his time doing a few things......

Loving the down trodden. Healing the ones who needed healing. Rejoicing and I
assume playing with children. Dispersing the merchants in the temple. Rebuking
the "relgious leaders" who forgot how to be like children in their simple
worship of Abba

I can only think that Jesus would do the same today and I will try to live like

Loving the down trodden and "discards of society" Prostitutes,tax
collectors,and rejected.... Healing the ones who need healing. Playing with
children and rejoicing with them. Dispersing the Bible salesmen,and people who
make church a business. Selling God I can not imagine God finds much joy in
this still today. Rebuking the "relgious leaders" for forgetting how to be like
children in their simple worship of Abba , Religous Leaders to focused on the
rules of church to love and forgive like children.

God has given me a vision of over100 christian gatherings in my city of 2+
million people. Living simply, worshiping God the Father through Jesus Christ
His Son and gathering as often as they so meet. And not a single one will call
it church. Yet this shall be the body of Christ. I would encourage all of your
brothers to consider planting Jesus and quit planting churches. The fields are
white for harvest, the laborers are few but I see atleast twelve or more
standing waiting to harvest with me.......

Let's go get em.... A son in the faith.......

------- <><><> -------

[NTCP] George Patterson here...

Dear ,

Blessings from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.&Mac221; I hope and pray all is well
with you.

I wanted to let you know (some of you already know) about an electronic
textbook that Galen Currah and I have developed to assist you in your endeavor
to be effective disciplers or church planters. It can now be ordered over the

"Come, Let Us Disciple the Nations" is interactive, designed to help users
learn the keys of effective cross-cultural discipleship. It incorporates my
experiences - --and many others'--from Honduras and around the world. Written
in the form of a novel, it applies New Testament principles to a variety of
field settings. You also select options voiced by characters in the story to
compete with an adversary as you work through several skill levels. Outcomes
depend on your choices.

This tool will assist you, , in practical Christian living, whether your
looking to learn more about what it means to be a believer of Jesus, how to
disciple other believers, or how to share GodÌs vision for missions with your
church. &Mac221;

Here is what Nathan, a worker in a restricted access country says: "16 interns
have now completed the "Come, Let Us Disciple the Nations" CD, turning in
weekly assignments to me and then meeting together to discuss what we have
learned each week.I think you've hit on a dynamic tool here. The training was
excellent. These 16 interns have now formed their own "training house church"
so that they learn how to be "the church" they will likely plant overseas in
the Unreached world. Your CD offered them the hands-on training they
lacked.Thanks for your service to the Body of Christ."

And Geri LaVoy, YWAM All Nations, says "I just finished the CD ROM on
Discipling the Nations. It was a lot of work, but well worth the
effort.Ilearned many new insights about church planting, certainly causing me
to think outside the box! The material was informative and interesting. The
story lines were fast paced, and even funny at times. I thoroughly enjoyed
working through each level, finding them to be challenging and thought
provoking. I recommend this training program to all considering any level of
church planting. Praise God for this great tool."

If you would like more information on this tool, "Come, Let Us Disciple the
Nations," please visit

May the Lord Continue His Mighty Blessings Upon You,

George Patterson

You can also order by calling U.S. -- 1.888.601.3937 Outside U.S. --
011.1.360.521.8447 Fax -- 858.630.4063

P.S.&Mac221; Just for reading this letter, would like to offer you a
15% discount on your purchase. Please use 3036337 for the special voucher

P.P.S.&Mac221; There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you donÌt like the product,
just let know and they WILL refund your money. No time limit

P.P.P.S.&Mac221; Please help us out by forwarding this email to your friends and
family. Thanks!

End of New Testament Church Proliferation Digest V2 #63

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