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[NTCP] Weekly Prayer Needs
Re: [NTCP] practical pointers for sanctifying Jews in your outreach
[NTCP] Excommunicating a brother
Re: [NTCP] Excommunicating a brother
Re: [NTCP] Excommunicating a brother
[NTCP] RE: God's Church in Trinidad
Re: [NTCP] Excommunicating a brother

Date: Sun, 5 May 2002 20:32:17 -0400
From: Richard Wright
Subject: [NTCP]
Weekly Prayer Needs

Hello all,

(We've had a little formatting issue so I apologize for the double post of the
Prayer List)

Please keep these needs before the Lord on a daily basis. As someone once
observed, "Things happen when we pray, that don't happen when we don't pray".

When the Lord answers your need, please be sure to let us know so that we can
all rejoice together!

Pray for:

19/03/02: I am working one on one this week in a bad area of town just 20
minutes or so from where I am staying in Denver. It is known for
prostitution,drug dealers,and other dangerous characters. Specifically I am
going to be prayer walking the motels on Colfax. I think a lot of them are
looking for something to find relief from their problems and many of them have
turned to church but the system chases them off instead of loving them. Keep me
in prayer as I do this. If God wills allow him to open doors. Pray that God
sends a strong partner in the faith to help encourage me. In what the Lord is
leading me to do. My health hasn't been the best the last few weeks and I could
use some prayer on that as well. a son in the faith,


- ----

25/03/02: (Please read the whole post on this, to get the full picture of the
need ñ Dick) I ask you to pray for my heart that it would not become hardened.
I am weary and don't have a desire to fighting to get him help when he keeps
rejecting my efforts to help. I would love for Tom to be healed. I struggle
with questions of why we ask for healing but don't get what we are believing
for. God's timing is not easy to understand. I feel the Lord telling me not to
give in to Tom's threats or manipulation, but to really wait on the Lord and
let him have his way with Tom. Please pray for: Josiah 17 years old and not
walking with the Lord rightly and not desiring to see Dad, hasn't been up to
see Dad. Jacob 16 (walking with the Lord and open to seeing Dad.) Saw Dad March
23rd Hannah 14 years old (walking with the Lord but not willing to see Dad. I
made her go see him March 9th.) Gabe 12 years old. (walking with the Lord and
willing to see Dad) Saw dad March 9th and March 23rd. Mike 21years old not
walking with the Lord Jesus and not very involved with us. Haven't seen him for
several months Tom (my beloved husband of 18 years) walking in sorrow in need
of prayers of the saints of the most high. Debb (Tom's wife of 18 years)
walking with the Lord Jesus (and being carried by the arms of my heavenly
Father) Please pray that God will give me wisdom, discernment, grace, and that
His hand would be upon me, that he will keep me from evil, and that I would not
harm anyone. Ysi Christ,

4/14/02: Dear Brothers & Sisters, Please continue to pray for us all as I had
requested. it has been eight weeks since we checked Tom in the the hospital,
but as of today we are back to square one.

Debbie~ ññññ- 25/03/02: From a victim of abuseÖ Please pray for strength and
endurance. Pray for energy and the Holy Spirit's guidance and healing. Pray
that if God will's that this would all go away. Many say I must continue to
rest and God will give me new energy. But God is telling me to give my life
away every day and I will have a new one someday. I long for that. I wish I
could love better. I wish I had more to give. Thanks for the prayers and

A son in the faith, David

ñññ- Please help! My mother is old and not well. Her husband is older and had
to be put in a "home" for a couple of weeks. He has dementia and now wants to
come home and my mother cannot take care of him but will literally kill herself
trying. He gets up all through the night and takes things apart and takes money
out of her purse. They are broke. I am a single mother of two and have devoted
my life to the children I prayed for. We could move with her but she is not a
pleasant person to live with and I don't think I could live with her daily
criticism...she means well and loves her husband and I just don't know what to

I am eagerly awaiting some reply. Any reply.

Darlene J. Dowling

- ----

3/30/02: pray for our landfill school project, which will rescue 2000 children
from surviving off a landfill..


- ----

4/01/02: I am looking for someone in Tulsa, OK to minister to a wife and
daughter. They are unchurched, have no friends, little finances, and the
husband walked out on them this weekend for another woman.

Mike S

- ----

4/05/02: We are danger. It's a good time to pray for our land, and to
continually pray for the peace, health and safety of Israel and Jerusalem. We
know that bitter days are marked out by God for that city, but let us not be
found standing on the wrong side of this battle. Better to die a horrible death
on the Lord's side, than to become rich as a traitor.

In Jesus, Jim

- ----

4/12/02: PLEASE PRAY FOR: 1) Lasting peace in this land. The boundary has been
crossed. Israel is at war with the Palestinian Authority, while also the
Lebanese border has become the staging ground for daily attacks by the Iranian
backed Hezbollah. And violence looks to be heating up more and more each day.
It behooves us all to pray (Psa. 122:6). The peace of Jerusalem affects the
peace of the whole world. Even so, come Lord Jesus (Rev. 22:20)! 2) The future
of Jerusalem University College and the Millier family's related plans for
ministry here in Israel ... or possibly the Philippines. To Israel. My
nine-year-old daughter (Dawn) and I have tickets to fly out Apr. 26th to Manila
to meet with the elders of a central Filipino congregation who are interested
in our plans to train Christian Filipino in-house care-givers (to the elderly
and infirm in Israel) in modern and biblical Hebrew, and Jewish evangelism
skills. Pray that only God's will would be confirmed. 3) Serena (Jewish lady
involved with a New Age cult) to come to faith in her Messiah. We meet weekly
in her home for "peace talks" with a group of about fifteen Jews, Muslim Arabs,
"Christian" Arabs, and a few real born again believers-- Jew, Arab, other. She
is still regularly reading her Bible and she has some good Messianic teaching
materials on her shelves, I've noticed. Serena is so close to saving faith in
Yeshua (Jesus), but she hasn't quite put it all together to take that step. 4)
Shlomo (orthodox Jewish man I speak with weekly at the "peace talks") to come
to faith in Yeshua. As he studies the Messianic prophecies to prove me wrong,
pray that the Holy Spirit would catch hold of his heart. Remember Saul of
Tarsus started out as a man intent on disproving the case for Jesus ... and
became one of Jesus' strongest advocates. I can see evidence of spiritual
hunger and conviction in Shlomo. 5) Pray also for Miriam (orthodox Jewish
woman) as she does her own investigation in the book of Daniel. Remember Rob
(orthodox Jewish man) as he has expressed interest in the gospel. In fact, from
a recent conversation we had, I suspect he may be a closet believer. He has all
but come out and openly confessed faith in Jesus to me, ... though I have
prodded. Either way, pray for him. Also don't forget to mention Amy (Mainland
Chinese Buddhist) in your prayers. She is working as an in-house care-provider
in Jerusalem. She too is a seeker. 6) God's anointing on various teaching
opportunies including my Shabbat School class at NETIVYAH (our Jerusalem
congregation) in which I instruct Jewish and gentile children in Matthew's
Gospel. Also, I teach periodically, on a semi-scholarly level, at the Narkis
St. Congregation's "Jerusalem School of Synoptic Research" Bible study.
Likewise I am exploring the possibility of teaching at a local Bible Institute
(affiliated with a house church) which trains struggling Jewish, Arab, and
foreign (African, Filipino) pastors in biblical/theological topics-- for next
to nothing.

Thanks, Michael Jerusalem

- ----

4/14/02: This is a neat story, and I encourage you to read it on:

She is a new convert with quite a background.

Her name's Melissa, and she needs a lot of strength... old ways are hard to
change. Right now she's full of zeal, but soon she'll come down off cloud 9 and
be stuck with the mundane stuff: 5 kids, no husband, no education, and no work
experience (she's been a prostitute since she dropped out of high school 10
years ago). Terry

- ----

4/13/02: Please pray for us, a coup d'etat has just taken place here, and
oligarchs are trying to pass it off as 'civic action' while keeeping our
president isolated and not allowing him to speak... this is the first president
ever in this country who cares for the people. Please talk to your reps, since
this coup is strongly supported by the US, since Venezuela is the US's only
safe provider of oil outside the middle east... love, Vanessa

- ----

4/16/02: Please pray for Japan.

I have become more and more concerned for the people of Japan. There is an
incredible emptiness of heart there.


- ----

4/21/02: I have a request. I have a 72 year old neighbor that I have been
helping lately due to heart problems. She is having heart by-pass surgery on
Tuesday. Please pray for that this surgery will be without complications and
that she will recover very quickly. Also pray for her husband, he is disabled
and housebound, so he is not able to be with her. Thanks J.C.

- ----

04/21/02: Please pray that I can stay off medication. I only need Jesus. I'm
almost 30, and feel that I must begin my REAl work for God now... suddenly, a
lot of christians who don't want to go to these 'churches' are asking me to
study with me, and much has come my way to do the work of charity, but the
enemy wants to impede my working... I'm having lots of little dizzy spells and
problems with my family... that come up right when we're about to start. Please
pray for us!


- ----

04/21/02: Dear Saints,

We have received a desperate plea for prayer from a Christian family on the
east coast.

Their daughter is divorced and has a 3 year old boy. A judge has given the
father unsupervised stays with the child . The father has taken the child on at
least three occasions to a child pornography group.

They are desperate!! - Please pray!!

- ----

04/29/02: Remember these are dear Christians who love Jesus deeply, and NOT
horrible criminals like the Chinese government claims.

1. Pray God would be glorified and His Kingdom continue to grow in China as a
result of these attacks. 2. Ask God to intervene with His mighty power. Pray
only His will would be done in the lives of those arrested. 3. Pray against the
Satanic forces behind these brutal attacks. Not able to damage God, the devil
does all he can to smash God's children. Ask God to bind the demonic forces in
Jesus' Name. 4. Ask the Lord to strengthen our brothers and sisters in prison,
to sustain them, and to help them overcome whatever trials they face. 5.
Fervently pray for the hundreds of families of those arrested, who often face
great hardship with no food or money. They usually lose their jobs, and their
children are expelled from school. 6. Pray for mercy for the persecutors, that
they may be convicted of sin, righteousness and judgement and come to a saving
knowledge of Jesus Christ. Pray the believers in prison may show them a
Christ-like example of patient endurance in the face of suffering. - ----

4/30/02: My heavenly Father has been merciful and has renewed my strength, and
he is the wind beneath my wings. He is guarding my heart and mind, and of my
children also. I can see the Holy Spirit working things out now, and I know He
has been all along. He has not finished the work that he has started in us, but
He will. "For all the promises of God in him are yea, and in him Amen, unto the
glory of God by us." Please continue to remember us to he Father. I have asked
the Lord to Bless you and multiply the gifts you have shared with me. ysiJC,

Debbie Kline

- ----

5/4/02: I am praying for more opportunities to interject Jesus into my
conversations and activities. I need more boldness. More concern, too, which
translates into love for the lost and the saved.

David Anderson

- ----

4/4/02: Tonight, I go to a meeting with a brother named Aaron and some others
who are interested in starting a new church/outreach in downtown Athens,

Anyway, I'd appreciate prayer about this situation.

Link H

Thanks for your faithful support.

Phil. 3:12-14

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Date: Mon, 6 May 2002 13:20:49 +0200
From: "Deborah"
Subject: Re: [NTCP] practical pointers for sanctifying Jews in your outreach

Dear NTCP list members,

If what I've been harping on for the past several weeks is true-- if Israel is
still chosen by God, and if the LORD's blessing of the nations is somehow
linked to Israel's blessing via their repentance, and if their unique status
entitles the Jewish people to a unique emphasis in the Church's world mission
outreach-- then what can your new testament church do in response? My
suggestions are:

1. Repent publically before God of your apathy (or even hostility) toward this
people so precious to His heart.

2. Begin to publish the call to pray for the peace of Jerusalem individually
and as a congregation on at least a weekly basis. This should become a natural
part of your church's times together.

3. In addition to the above, a different elder or deacon each week should
inform the congregation of the specific needs of an assigned country (ala
"Operation World"), then lead your congregation in prayer for it. This has the
advantage of getting the entire church body, including the elders and deacons,
actively participating in the missions emphasis of your church

4. Follow the example of J. Hudson Taylor (also Count Zinzindorf, George
Mueller, Samuel Zwemer, the ten Boom family, and others too numerous to name
who had similar practices) who, as an expression of his evangelistic
priorities, wrote a check out each January 1st to his favorite Jewish mission
agency designated: "To the Jew first...". By sanctifying Israel in his
mission giving, I believe Hudson Taylor brought unusual blessing on his own
outreach to the (Chinese) Gentiles through first blessing God's chosen people.
Your church can receive this blessing as well by a practice on par with his.

5. Begin ordering and distributing "Hearts Desire," a bi-monthly leaflet from
Hebrew Christian Fellowship (free of charge for whatever quantity) which
includes practical information about Jewish culture, history, and religious
thinking, as well as suggestions for lay-people to lovingly share the Gospel
with their Jewish friends and acquaintances.

6. Those involved with new mission work from your church, should be instructed
on the connection between their blessing of Israel with the gospel as a matter
of priority and the promised blessings to the Gentiles (and specifically the
people group to whom they are called) as a result. Like Paul, they can
therefore feel free to search out Jewish people in each new city they enter for
ministry (look for synagogues, community centers, or even Jewish names in the
phone book) and seek to offer them a viable gospel witness first before ever
turning exclusively to the Gentiles.

7. Always provide Gospel literature relevant to Jewish people for those gifted
in evangelism sent from your church to the community. That way the Jewish
people are continuously sanctified in your local outreach efforts as well.

I trust that your course of action regarding the above will be solidly rooted
in Scripture and not majorly influenced by what you might observe around you in
the evangelical scene. However, I also know that this should not be a divisive
issue. Your support should be with your church and "the unity of the Spirit"
no matter how they decide on these points. Nevertheless, you may find that a
special kind of fire will be kindled in a church which has a Jewish heart.

Michael Jerusalem ~ ~ ~ ntcp info page:
~ ~ ~

Date: Mon, 6 May 2002 09:43:38 -0700 (PDT)
From: Link H
Subject: [NTCP] Excommunicating a brother

I'd like to ask for advice and comments on an important issue.

Someone I know well who is now going to the new church plant that just started
up used to have problems with drugs and pornography. Before he got marrie,d he
felt like he was delivered from these problems, and I hadn't talked to him
about it since then since I was overseas. But then I talked with him and asked
him if he was doing okay in these areas. He indicated he had smoked some pot
and seemed to be struggling with it. He also said he had a porno magazine he
needed to get rid of.

I've recently learned that he didn't throw out the porno magazine. I also
think he might be in the habit of buying weed and smoking it. He's trying to
be a part of a new church plant, and just left another church where he and a
lot of other people felt they should leave due to some teachings the church was
getting into.

I've been considering what to do in this situation. I pray that God will
deliver this brother. What I believe the Biblical thing to do is to confront
him on the issue and urge him to repent. If he won't hear me, I am to bring
one or two other witnesses. I am thinking of bringing the man who is
spearheading the church plant since he seems to be a peacemaker and seems to
have a heart for winning people over with a spirit of meekness. If the brother
won't repent, the next step would be to take him before the church.

I think when I go talk with him, if he hasn't thrown out the magazine and any
drugs (if any) then I'll tell him that I plan to bring him before the church
eventually, after following the due course laid out in the Bible. Maybe that
will motivate him.

The problem is that I really care about this brother. I'd like to see him in
the same church I am in, and I enjoy his fellowship. He even seems to have a
lot of knowledge about things. But his life isn't right. I trust the Lord
that the best thing for him is to follow what Christ taught, but it's hard.

Anyway, I'd appreciate prayer for grace in this matter, that the brother may
repent. He's having marriage problems over these and other issues. I'd also
like any advice you folks could give, and any testimonies to help encourage me.

Doing the traditional thing of minding your own business and not obeying Christ
on this matter is so comfortable. But I see in the Bible that the sin can
leaven the whole lump. The man delivered over to Satan was given over so that
his own spirit might be saved, so I believe it was for his own good as well.

Link Hudson Jefferson, GA, USA

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Date: Mon, 6 May 2002 10:09:10 -0700
From: "Brittian's Mail"
Subject: Re: [NTCP] Excommunicating a brother

Link, Something of interest that I have recently come to understand is that the
word repent has an entirely different meaning than the one we inherited. I
think we have all heard the "stirring" sermons of how repent does not mean "I'm
sorry", it actually is a turning away from that thing that you are sorry for.

Well this is only a half truth. And if this is the kind of repentance that you
are talking about, you will kill this brother's Spirit. He will first attempt
to turn away from that thing to continue fellowship with you, and when he fails
he will then attempt to turn away from that thing to continue fellowship with
that older brother in Christ, and when he fails he will attempt to turn away to
continue fellowship with an entire body of believers who already know that he
is a failure and that this is his last chance, and in the end he will fail to
turn away again.

Finally this devestated brother who's will power, discipline, and strength
failed to turn away from his sin will think that there is no hope and there is
no other options and he will die to grace having never understood it. I don't
think that you want this, it doesn't sound like this is your heart. Our Lord
did not preach "repent...turn away from something." He preached a solitary
message of "repent...turn to my Father, turn towards me!!!" It is not a
turning away, it is a turning towards.

This brother does not need more discipline, he does not need more
accountiblity, he does need more strength or willpower, and if he is told that
he needs these things he will inevidably die in his spirit. Because what is
being said is that you need Christ and_______ (fill in the blank). He needs
Christ, in Christ is discipline, He needs Christ in Christ is accountability,
he needs Christ, in Christ is strength. Christ is his patience, his life and
his will. And if he is told this, if he is told that the spirit in him is none
other than that of Jesus Christ, and that is an eternal spirit and that is
inseperable from you, and you now live by His lif e and not your own, you will
set this brother free. His heart will soar, and you will witness a new man
born into the New Man.

Give him Christ, don't give him church discipline, or accountablity or anything
else that attempts to go beyond what is already in Christ. Just give him that
and he will be free.

In Him - ----- Original Message -----
From: "Link H" To: Sent: Monday, May 06,
2002 9:43 AM
Subject: [NTCP] Excommunicating a brother
>I'd like to ask for advice and comments on an important issue.


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Date: Mon, 06 May 2002 20:21:31 +0200
Subject: Re: [NTCP] Excommunicating a brother

Link wrote:
>The problem is that I really care about this brother. I'd like to see him in
>the same church I am in, and I enjoy his fellowship. He even seems to have a
>lot of knowledge about things. But his life isn't right. I trust the Lord
>that the best thing for him is to follow what Christ taught, but it's hard.

It's so important that you start by telling him this link. Often people use pot
and porn to fill holes of loneliness in their lives. I did for many years
before comming to Christ. It is important that he doesn't feel rejected, and
understands that it is the sin that you are rejecting not him. But if you leave
it it will destroy this new plant.

Blessings and prayers,

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Date: Mon, 06 May 2002 21:15:14 +0000
From: "David Jaggernauth"
Subject: [NTCP] RE: God's Church in Trinidad

Dear List,

I would like to give you all an update on whats been happening here lately.

Since we started fellowshipping with his new Church we observed that it was
really no different to many other full Gospel churches (institutional church ).
Despite that we decided to continue here hoping that God would allow us to
share some House Church ideas and concepts with the pastor.

He seemed to me to be a genuine man, hungry for God, and eager to see revival
in this land.

We did however notice several problems that this Church faces. One was the
issue of pastor worship. Because of the powerful way God uses this man in
miracles and wonders the people have been relying on him continually. Most of
this congregation were formerly Hindus and are simple uneducated people ( not
all most ). However because there has never been the balance of a teaching
element they are been moving into the typical institutional church trap. It is
more or less a one man show.

The other issue is a spirit of racism that i detected the first day i came in.
The Church is mostly east indian in ethnicity and there is a slight predjudice
towards our african brethren. I have two very good friends who are part of our
group and felowship here and are of african descent. they shared with me some
experiences thay have had in the Church which reeked of racial discrimination
(my country has had a long history of racial discrimination between east
indians and africans, not violent though).

The pastors cry has been for the people to arise and do the work of the
ministry but he has not equipped them for it.

Two sundays ago a prophet from Canada came to the Church. he was quite a wild
man, however he brought a very stong rebuke to the pastor and the Church. he
told the pastor the time of one the man show is over. he also exposed many
things including the spirit of jezebel which he says is trying to undermine the
pastor. We have some suspicions where it is coming from. After the prophet
finished his very stinging rebuke he took a bowl of water and washed the
pastors feet. he told the pastor that God is giving him 6 months to put the
Church in order. After that, he will put this work to an end. This prophet had
come to this Church previously and exposed a Judas that was stealing money from
the Church, unknown to the pastor. the man had stole quite a lot of money and
when he was exposed tried to blame it on the pastor.

The pastor confessed before the church that this last prohecy was the word of

We went to a prayer meeting in church last friday and prayed with the pastor.
we spoke to him after and he told me he has been reading the materials I have
sending him (house church stuff). We spoke to him about the pastor worship
thing and the jezebel thing. I gave him some copies of House to House and he
took it saying it was very interesting and he seems to want to learn more about
it. He isnt threatened by any of our ideas ( this was an issue we were
concerned about) and seems to be willing to learn more about it.

On sunday last, he spoke to the Church about worshipping him, I was surprised
he acted so quickly on what we said. the last pastor we worked with always
denied this whenever someone tried to tell him about it. He isnt too proud to
go before the Church and point out mistakes they are making, this is why I
believe God sent us here to work with him. God has been using him all over this
country doing outdoor crusades and the reports that we are getting is that
wherever he goes, the Churches in the community quickly fill up after he

Many churches have been asking for him to come into their communities.

I have always believed that the last endtime revival is going to take place
outside the Church, in houses and outdoor meetings. I believe God may be
throwing us together here for something great.

Another prophet from canada came on sunday (Les Carter) and will be ministering
prohetically on Wednesday. He exhorted the Church to go out and work.

I am hoping he will bring further clarity to the Church. I am excited about
these latest developments.

Please pray for us and the Church, that God's truth and his will shall prevail
over all religious tradtions and customs. and that the pastors and the people
will get a revelation of the house Church and embrace it fully to express the
life of God in this nation.

David Jaggernauth

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Date: Mon, 6 May 2002 21:13:23 -0400
From: Richard Wright
Subject: Re: [NTCP] Excommunicating a brother


This is a powerful teaching you have given us. Thank you.
Phil. 3:12-14

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