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NT Church Proliferation Digest Monday, July 15 2002 Volume 02 : Number 120
[NTCP] Weekly Prayer Update
[NTCP] Mennonite skills
[NTCP] Rejoicing with Link
RE: [NTCP] Rejoicing with Link
Re: [NTCP] Every man a theologian.
Re: [NTCP] Every man a theologian.
Re: [NTCP] Every man a theologian.

Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2002 23:00:15 -0400
From: Richard Wright <wright47 * sc.rr>
Subject: [NTCP] Weekly Prayer Update

For your prayerfull concideration.

(Please be sure to update us often so that we can keep the list
up to date)

22:49 6/18/02: This weekend marks an historic occassion in Canada. It is the first time
that the national association of Evangelicals (the Evangelical Fellowship of
Canada, same as US based NAE) has called a national consultation of house
church leaders who are mature and embrace the wider Body of Christ in our
nation. It is the first time this has happened, ever.

I would earnestly covet your prayers this weekend. There will be
Charismatics, C&MA, Ind. Baptist, Southern Baptist, Mennonite Brethren,
Mennonite, Navigators, DAWN, Outreach Canada, Vineyard, Partners in Harvest,
Holiness, as well as others. There will be 17 of us holed up at Horshoe Bay.
Beginning Friday morning we will be discussing a variety of subjects.

Samuel Buick <aom_canada * hotmail>

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6/20/02: When one member hurts, we all hurt....let's cont to
pray for our brother, Gene Edwards and his HC

Thomas Shou <thomasshou * yahoo>

- ----
6/20/02: Linda here:

Here's a testimony. Today I woke up felling okay but as the day went on I
got a headache and was really aching all over. It was getting pretty bad
and even though the evening was early I was about to go to bed. The Spirit
spoke to me, "You haven't even asked for healing at all." I sat up (we had
just had a gathering the night before and we all agreed that God can and
wants to do the mighty things he's done in the past) and meekly asked Jesus
to help me feel better. My headache lifted, the other pains are gone, and
though I feel a bit weary, I have been able to continue with the things I
needed to do. THANK YOU Jesus for reminding me to ask. And thank you for
being so patient with me.

Linda Baskin <linda * stanza>

- ----
6/21/02: I have some good news, and a question. First, I have come to an
arrangement with the trash company to build the school for the 2000+
children who work there. Also, I may get financing from sundance to
film a documentary about them before the school is built. note that this
is a common situation in all the developing world. Please pray that I can
do all this work.

I also have a problem, and I know not what to do. I feel that I want to
walk the streets and invite the kids who seem 'lost' (not all sleep on the
street), and simply invite them to my warehouse to study the Bible.

The problem is my husband doesn't like the idea because he knows just how
dangerous those kids can be.

Vanessa DiDomenico <van3hijos * yahoo>

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6/22/02: ...please pray for boldness for me to teach the message the Lord has
laid on my heart about the role of gifts in regular believers in church.
I'd also appreciate it if you'd pray for the preacher, who is having a
surgery to correct a corroded neck. He has bolts through his head to keep
his neck from moving after the surgery. They had to move his voicebox over
for te surgery as well. I haven't met him since the surgery, but may

Linkh * bigfoot <Linkh * worldnet.att>

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6/26/02: An aside, as of last night, I am no longer attending an IC. Had asked God for wisdom, guidance and so on and through a series of events that decision has been made. To those on the "outside" the details as to why make it seem negative, but firmly believe this is of God.

Without too much detail, the pastor of the IC has a history of gossiping/slandering members FROM the pulpit and in one on one situations such as sharing with other members when members have marital problems and the like. I failed to follow the Word at the beginning (which as you all know is to go to the person according to Math 18 and II Cor 2). Prayed that the HS would reveal to him this error (OK sin).

So for a while will be at home. Have yet to share this with MY husband (he would not attend this IC because of the gossip and so on - as you can surmise, I've omitted a lot). The sad thing, my dtr and her husb have only recently started attending this church on a regular basis. Son in law is son of minister (who has returned to secular job) and spent many yrs as a child with his family 'planting churches' and doing missionary work out of the country.

Candace McElroy <camcelroy * alltel>

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6/28/02: I must also tell of another answered prayer: I have been asking God to
provide our daily bread, and now the lady we have been buying our lunch
from ( we have no kitchen or fridge) has asked me to tutor her daughter,
who is starting to study economy, in math, english, and doing some
internet research, and we will be paid with lunch! She makes delicious
lunch, incuding dry and soup! Praise the Lord for providing for us!

I should also mention that my father has diabetes, and was quite well, but
since a couple of days he's had bad diarreah and looks terrible. Neither
he nor my mom go to the doctor. She's 60, looks about 40, but has
obviously begun to develop some problems, and she has had too much work
lately: she manages her store, even doing the accounting, teaches math at
the university, and cares for my kids when I am sick. Also, they have been
at her home for a while since I moved to the warehouse. She says they make
her feel happy, but I need to build inside my warehouse to move them
there. We will also build some little rooms in the back for street kids.
Please pray for both my parents, who are unfortunately, atheists.

Vanessa DiDomenico <van3hijos * yahoo>

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6/29/02: Lucy and I will be away all next week to celebrate our
FIRST Wedding Anniversary on the East Coast, visiting
Philly and NYC! We will be visiting her many school
and church friends of hers over there, that she hasn't
met for a long time! I look fwd to the time to get to
know her even better. Will miss the wonderful house church and
Body fellowship here with you all!

Pls pray for that we will experience much grace from
the LORD wherever we go and have many more stories of
His faithfulness and Presence with us as we go! Also
pray Lucy and I will get to be closer to each
other,and have a quality time of fellowship together
in Him and with her many church friends!

Thomas Shou <thomasshou * yahoo>

- ----

6/30/02: I've had chronic lung infection for many years, due to overexposure to
shop dust and chemicals.

My infection is quite severe right now. I've been spitting up some thick,
dark gray stuff, along with some blood.

I'll be going to the Dr tomorrow. My prayer need is more for my spirit
than my body. My physical infirmity, along with the normal pressures of
life, have kept me quite low spiritually. Oh, for a merry heart!

Phillip Cohen <harborlights3 * juno>

- ----
6/30/02: Yesterday Jessica (dgtr) and I were at the park near our warehouse, and we
were with 9 boys from the nearby orphanage. Their maestro (like teacher,
but also means master) told me the story of 2 brothers, for whom I'd like
to request yur prayers. Their names are Elias (15) and Kendal (8). They
were found locked up in a dark room where they had spent their whole life,
2 years ago. They couldn't even walk or talk well. They still can't talk
very well.. They both have serious neurological complications from not
being fed or cared for. Kendal still poops in his pants.

Please pray for them. I see them often, and know that they can get better,
with God's blessing, for little can be done through worldly means.
Vanessa DiDomenico <van3hijos * yahoo>

- ----
7/3/02: Please pray that Tom will find suitable work. He can work about 20
hours a week. The town we live in is small and options here are
limited. It would be better if he could find work here instead of
having to drive 20 miles to a larger city. He is ready to work as soon
as possible as we have a mountain of medical bills and a big spend down
we need to meet.
Thank you for your continued prayers!

StardustForever * webtv (~ Debbie ~)

- ----

7/14/02: Please pray for us here in

On a much more personal note. My M.D. tells me that I have to go and, as
link so stunningly put it, be "trimmed", for health reasons. Now I know that
this is in now way the same as what Paul is talking about, and it will in
now way affect my walk with the Lord. But you would be surprised how
reluctant I feel about having this simple intervention. I need freedom to be

Keith Smith <castillofuerte * airtel>

- ----

"Things happen when we pray, that don't happen
when we don't pray". Anon

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Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 11:21:50 -0400
From: "Linkh * bigfoot" <Linkh * worldnet.att>
Subject: [NTCP] Mennonite skills


I saw your testimony about your Mennonite background. I hear Mennonites are
more modern than Amish, but did you and your family happen to learn any
skills from previous centuries like making home-made leather, spinning wool,
weaving cloth, etc. Do you know how to do any hobby placer mining by any

The reason I ask is because of a church planter friend of mine in Bali who
is from the Dani people-group. The Dani havce about 2 or 3 hundred
thousand. Back in the 60's missionaries ministering to them witnessed a
mass people movement for Christ, as tens of thousands repented, burning
their fetishes, idols, etc. I met one of the missionaries involved in this,
and through him I met a Dani church planter in Bali.

This church planter, Mr. Danis, is now on a board with other people from his
people group. Their goal is to use gold mining money to educate the Dani
people, build hospitals, etc. Mr. Danis said that he missioanries helped
the Dani spiritually, but now they need help economically.

The Dani are a tribe of people living in the remote mountains of Irian
Jaya-- which is Indonesian New Guinea. Many of them live in the stone age.
Many are practically naked. The men wear penis sheathes, and the women wear
grass skirts. They rub pig fat on themselves to keep warm up in those high

The Dani hunt pigs and grow vegetables, especially a local tuber similar to
a sweet potato. My missionary friend and other missionaries introduced a
lot of things: carrots, lettuce, yams, potatoes, goats, and cows.

Many Dani in those parts still run around practically naked. Mr. Danis said
there was a plant up there with a white blossom that sounds to me like
cotton. He thinks a missionary brought it. Dani people throw away animals
skins and burn what may be cotton, and wish they had clothes.

The Indonesian government came into their land and, they feel, invaded it 10
years or so after Indonesia's independance. They mine out Irian gold and
pump out their oil, sending the money to Jakarta and to foreign business
partners. But they have not done much to educate the local people, build
roads, infrastructure, etc. with this money in Irian itself. One reason may
be that the people there are Christian and not Muslim. This organization
would like to build up the Dani people econominacally.

I haven't been able to contact Mr. Danis yet to see if their organization
sold the gold they've mined yet, but when I last talked to him, he was
interested in the idea of using monies gained to pay first of all for people
to come help them with their small-scale mining operation, and also to come
and teach the Dani people to use what they have to improve themselves.

Mr. Danis asked me to help him find mining people, and also people to help
with building up the Dani's skills, building hospitals, etc. as their money

I had thought of finding a former Amish person who didn't mind, now, getting
on an airplane. I thought also of Hutterites and Mennonites. I don't know
if even the most conservative Menonites would know how to spin wool, etc.
Do you have any skills like this? Would you like to go to one of the
world's most exotic places? Do you have any good, godly contacts?

I'm wanting to bring godly people. The Irians generally respect whites,
thinking of them as the peole who bring the Gospel and educate. My
impression from Mr. Danis is that they may also be a bit naive and easily
decieved by slikc white people.

Link Hudson

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Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 17:44:05 -0400
From: forwarded <forwarded * homechurch>
Subject: [NTCP] Rejoicing with Link

re: Paul Lincoln Hudson III

Sorry for taking so long to send out a report about and pictures of the
new baby! We've been pretty busy here, and I've been waiting for the picture
of the baby to get set up on the web.

Paul Lincoln Hudson III was born at 8:57 AM on July 2, 2002. He was 6
pounds 15 ounces, about 19 inches long. He was born in Athens, Georgia.

He got 8 out of 10 for his health score at birth, and 10 out of 10 at five

Hana is healing up from the delivery, and things are going fine.

To take a look at baby Paul, click on the following link:


I thought a link would be better than making everyone wait to download the
big pictures.

Hana and I are looking into working at a children's home in North Carolina
starting in August.

Drop us a line sometime!

Link and Hana Hudson

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Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 18:46:32 -0500
From: "Tony Dale" <tdale * thekarisgroup>
Subject: RE: [NTCP] Rejoicing with Link

Thrilled to hear that all has gone well. We hope that we get more time
to fellowship and learn from each other. It was really good to meet you
at the S. house church Leaders conference. Felicity and I have been on the road
since then to Taiwan, Japan, and now - Hawaii! Last conference over two
days ago, and so now some thoroughly enjoyable vacation time with our
kids who have come out to join us.

Tony and Felicity Dale

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Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 19:05:04 -0700 (PDT)
From: Vanessa DiDomenico <van3hijos * yahoo>
Subject: Re: [NTCP] Every man a theologian.

I LOVE theology, even when I study that which is not my personal belief or
opinion. I love greek, hebrew, studying their traditions, and have even
read Herodotus to better know daniel. I must be a real weirdo... in school
I hated PE and the other 'easy' classes, while enjoying science and math
more than anything. Today, God is to me the GREAT mathematician and
physicist, designer of the universe, and someone who wants me to study all
the details of HIM and HIS works, for He wants me to do His works, too,
and how could I if I don't know all His rules and exactly what He wants?

Even The Law which we are not FORCED to follow anymore, are a great way to
secure a healthy life!

I LOVE theology, and don't like lists on which doctrine is not discussed.

Vanessa from Venezuela

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Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 19:09:50 -0700 (PDT)
From: Vanessa DiDomenico <van3hijos * yahoo>
Subject: Re: [NTCP] Every man a theologian.

I have a personal experience about light that is darkness. I was raised an
atheist, and was told I could see all that those foolish christians could
not. I was told my light, my knowledge was so much greater than theirs!
THAT is the darkness that one thinks is light.

Also when you think YOUR interpretation of the Scriptures is absolutely
correct and everyone else is wrong, you are in absolute darkness, for only
with others can we know the Light... and that Inner Light will keep the
darkness away. And once you have that Inner Light, you know Him. And as a
responsible worker for Him, you will also study everything you can about
Him, drinking that knowledge as if it were delicious water after a walk
through the desert.

Vanessa from Venezuela

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Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 21:00:59 -0700
From: "Brittian's Mail" <louderthantheradio * attbi>
Subject: Re: [NTCP] Every man a theologian.

Dear sister
I hope I did not mis-communicate the sentiment I was feebily attempting to
share (I find I come across horribly in written formats), and I apologize if
I did.
You are so right when you say that you begin to study every aspect of Him,
practically everything that you can get your hands on. From my own personal
experience when I first encountered Him, I gobbled up every book in sight,
every email was devoured, even TV. ads became secret and encoded messages
making it possible to see Him a little deeper.

In fact from that point on I began to be what I think most people would
call, a seeker. I sought Him in so many things, I pushed through this
movement, and that teaching, and this idealogy. I have been
into.discipleship, Bible college, small groups, leadership, incessant
seminars, worship conferences, abstinence, purity, evangelism, mentorship,
Bible study, prayer meetings, tongues(?), prophecy and all the gifts of the
Spirit, five-fold ministries, mega-churches, shepherding movements, "good
preaching", family, "Alfa" groups, intentional community, prayer walking,
cell groups and their endless models from Timbuktu to Argentina, spontaneous
singing, denominations, non-denominations, inter-denominations, growth
conventions, movements, maybe even cults, and finally I was sitting with my
tail between my legs praying that my future children never had to see times
as hard as these. (and I am young yet) This is by no means a brag list, and
it is certainly not a dis list, these aren't bad things and I am sure they
work wonderfully for quite a few people. They didn't for me.
So I gave up, and just like the Love Story that Fred Jeavens sent out
said, that is when He came to me.

Just as the things of the world had paled into comparison with the things of
God when first we met, so now the Things of God paled in comparison
with...well...just Him.

How endless and rich and deep He has been, just this far along.
I used to get very uppity concerning my enterpretation or someone elses.
I'm not so sure it matters any more. And frankly I think there is a divine
occupation that He would much rather have His Bride doing. And that is of
course, adoring Him, fellowshiping with Him, touching Him, and He, Her.
We wax eloquently on so many things, and we spend so very much time
pursuiting the shadows, all the while our Lord has been tenderly waiting for

Her to put away those THINGS, and simply be wrapped in His arms, gently,

I am sure you have had the same experience, I would love to hear yours, I
too was once an atheist. As it turned out it was just another step towards
Him, the truth.

We DO need each other, not for differerent notions on how things ought be
done, but literally for a different experiencing of HIM, of how wide and how
deep and broad and how endless He is. It is the tension that draws the
chord of life tightly still and centers our focus on Him.
Good words sister

In Him

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