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NT Church Proliferation Digest Tuesday, August 6 2002 Volume 02 : Number 136
[NTCP] a new member asks a question
[NTCP] CAMBODIA: 1,000 churches planted in 10 years

Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2002 13:27:58 -0400
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Subject: [NTCP] a new member asks a question

Can all those who believe in the One and Only God, even with differences
in denominations come together and gather in Jesus Name doing the Will of
God? Because how do we have to understand: Go out my people... go out of

Bless you.
Yours sincerely,
Marcus Ampe

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Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2002 22:26:46 -0400
From: David Anderson <david * housechurch>
Subject: [NTCP] CAMBODIA: 1,000 churches planted in 10 years

Oh, to read more stories like this:

CAMBODIA: 1,000 churches planted in 10 years

From 1975 on, the Khmer Rouge systematically tried to eradicate all forms
of religion in Cambodia. In 1990, there were only around 200 Christians
in the nation, in ten or twelve house groups. "Starting in 1990, the
widespread misery caused by the civil war opened new doors for the
Gospel, because many felt that they had been abandoned by the Buddhist
system," says Baptist mission strategist Bruce Carlton. A small number of
foreign missionaries trained Cambodian church planters, who, together
with radio evangelisation, started a small number of churches. Around
1995, further Christian groups arrived in the nation, but this led to
denominalisation and tension. At the end of that year, there were some 60
churches in the nation, in every province. Their aim was to plant one
church in every district by the year 2000. At that time, the Baptists
were the fastest-growing group, and had planted 120 churches by 1997, at
which time Cambodia had some 20,000 believers.

The decisive growth phase started in 1997, when the churches began to
multiply themselves without intervention from national church planters or
foreign missionaries. Church planting schools with the motto "KISS - keep
it short and simple" played a key role. Today, a number of sources claim
that the nation already has 1,000 churches and some 100,000 believers. "A
typical Cambodian church was a house church as characterised in Acts
2:41-47," says Carlton. "Paternalistic missionaries, or those with a
colonial outlook had little success. Missionaries who saw themselves as
trainers and mentors saw strong growth." Source: Carlton/Ponraj:
Strategic Coordination in Missions, Chennai 2001

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